You took a chance on loving me

Hello Hermia’s lovely readers. My name is Emma from kisses and cross stitches. One of the things that I love to write about on my own blog is the photographers that entice and influence me. So I thought that for my guest post on my friend Hermia’s blog, I would share some of my all-time favourite photographers with you.

Lina Scheynius has been a favourite of mine for a long time now. I love the dramatic use of light in her photos, and how much detail there is in every picture, especially in the background.

I only recently discovered Mary Robinson’s photography. When I look at her photos, I find myself transported away to the beautiful locations she uses.

I love the photos that Maja from polkadots and vodkashots posted on her blog. Such shame that she has chosen to discontinue with posting, but there are hundreds of photos in her archives to feast your eyes on.

Sophie Richards is incredibly talented! This young Australian will go far, mark my words! Her self portraits are divine.

Lillian Wilkie has an eye for noticing things which might otherwise go un-noticed and a talent for expertly capturing them on her lens. I could look at her photographs all day, they always make me want to go for a walk with my camera.

Sarah McLean can find beauty in anything she comes across with her camera. Everyday mundane objects are looked at in a new, interesting light through the lens of Sarah’s collection of film cameras.

One of the first photographers that I discovered whilst writing my blog was Sarah Hermans. Her work is amazing and she is still one of my favourites today.

Last but certainly not least, Marlene Marino‘s photographs are beautiful and dreamy, instantly evoking memories of summers gone by.

If you enjoyed reading about my favourite photographers, please stop by my other blog, Fanciful Photography where i have interviewed some of these photographers, plus others


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61 responses to “You took a chance on loving me

  1. Those are all beautiful photographs… I took photography in college, but writing was always my passion so photography took a back seat. Pictures like those make me want to get my camera out again though…xx

  2. These photographs are just beautiful, I see why you love them and go back to look at them all over again. I tried to pick out a favorite but found that I really enjoyed and appreciated every one of them. Thank you for sharing them!

  3. Beautiful pics,yet they all kind of seem like the same style! Still very pretty and dreamy.

  4. Raul

    Enjoyed the photos…always appreciate good photography

  5. I love these photographs. I especially love pictures that include people in them. It seems to warm up the whole scene. The last one with the two girls is my favorite…such emotion.

    Thank you for sharing these.

  6. your pictures are realy beautiful… I hope, someday, work with professional photographs like you. (:

    *sorry, I don’t speak english very well. I’m brasilian.
    If you want view my photosgraphs, visit my portfolio:


  7. tashination

    So beautiful.. my favourite is the last one – it’s almost like a painting.

  8. PeacockWings

    Those are beautiful photos. I have always loved photography, I am more about being in front then behind. I used to model and have tried my hand at photography–but I just never could seem to get it right.

  9. HippieCahier

    These are fabulous. Thanks for sharing them.

  10. These talented photographers bring much to light – wonderful shots, really beautiful.

  11. Also…..YAY this post is on the WordPress homepage! 🙂

  12. Beautiful, inspiring photos. Where’s my camera?!

  13. lycons

    Of course these are worth much better comments.

    Excellent photography , I love the second one

  14. absolutely gorgeous. right up my alley. thank you for turning me on to this photographer 🙂

  15. BernieLuvsEllen

    Gosh. Amazing! Simply divine!

  16. I like the last one by Marlene Marino… Idk but it tells a very pretty yet grungy story in my head.

  17. 1st of- you have lovely Site design..
    2nd, I have bookmarked your Blog..
    I’ll comeback again, you have just hit me with those pics- good effort.

  18. These are beautiful! I’m a huge fan of photography…I’ll check these out now!

  19. Great post! Will check all those out, thanks!

  20. What wonderful photography! The first is truly spectacular (and evocative).

  21. These are terrific photos, thanks for sharing them. So much inspiration, so little time! There is ALWAYS something worth looking at, listening to, reading…


  22. Vedrana

    beautiful photos…they all go great together and colors on them are lovely 🙂

  23. Zoe

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting these emazin pictures!

  24. calirose

    These pictures are amazing. Photos that need no caption; they speak for themselves. 🙂

  25. Beautiful pictures!! It does make one want to run right out and snap some pics!! On MY!!

  26. Thanks for the inspiration! Love the photography and the blog.

  27. I really love the Sarah Herman one! 🙂

  28. this photographers are so talented!! thanks for sharing!

  29. Those are all beautiful photographs. I love photography and painting. Sometime I could not resist not to touch.

  30. Love that this was on the wordpress home page. I clicked through and was so pleasantly surprised! Really enjoyable!

  31. wow. cant wait to get my own camera and share the world my photographs. ^^

  32. walkingwizard

    yeah, it’s really nice pictures… the beauty of the scene are talking to peoples eyes… natural beauty really makes a big difference..

  33. Mehrdad

    Nice Photoes,
    good luck.

  34. I have included you in my Blog- Roll

  35. Hey! Awesome Post & Thanks for sharing it. Fabulous Pictures!

    your friends, XR VOLUME

  36. Great photos. Thanks for sharing them, wow. I must say, it makes me wish I was a photographer myself. Very inspiring 🙂

  37. sitorusfg

    lovely pic! wow!

  38. Beautifull photos.. have some more?

  39. always love your picks x

  40. aixwrites

    THis is nice 🙂

  41. pic are cool i love taking pics 2

  42. Lovely! I can’t wait to check out more from these photographers.

  43. Such lovely photographs. Thank you so much for letting us know about them!

  44. squirrelsloveacorns

    Very nice pictures

  45. It does make me want to whip out my camera and go for a walk.

  46. Pingback: Fotografía: campos de algodón y otros paisajes más humanos « Circe

  47. These are all great photographs that tell a story. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  48. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures, they have been by far the best and most touching that I’ve stumbled upon this month

  49. Hey- a really nice collection…looking forward to checking out these photographers. Appreciate it!

  50. Lovely photographers indeed – there is a couple there that I haven’t come across, so thanks!

  51. Very beautiful and creative pictures you have taken.

  52. wow, nice photos you have there! how i wish i could take such a beautiful photos too.

  53. beautiful photos!
    the color and and the tone, are just amazing

  54. rps2012

    Wow. Gorgeous.

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