Lady Autumn, loafers on your feet

Wonder how you manage to dress so neat.
Who finds the money when you buy the rent.
Did you think that money was heaven sent?
Autumn is fast becoming my favourite part of the wardrobe year. Neat, elegant, tailored, demure and smart; Lady Autumn possesses all the attainable hallmarks of classic  wardrobes staples. She does not trip in flip flops like that Summer Floozie. You can see her delicate frame emphasised by boyfriend shapes; her dainty ankles slipping into her casual footwear. She is the lady of the wardrobe and I cant wait to unleash her.
Blau x”


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9 responses to “Lady Autumn, loafers on your feet

  1. Sorry for the abruptness of the post but deadlines and migraines plauged me all last week x Enjoy!

  2. Migraines…oh no. 😦

    Lovely post though all the same. Autumn is an amazing time for fashion… Hello September issues! xx

  3. jenniemc

    Autumn is my absolute FAVOURITE time of year. Give me some crispy leaves over a beating sun anyday. And I love the Autumn palette of colours for wear

  4. LOVE autumn and winter fashion way more than summer, hate to admit that though. does’nt everyone love to bare the skin during the ‘warm’ months?not me! i love the boots, the trench coats, the hats, the layering that you get away with in the cooler months. i actually cant wait for winter! lovely post .x.

  5. Gorgeous colours..wrapped up all snug and warm…Screw Summer I say!

    Plus, if you live in Ireland at least, you don’t have to endure the anguish of pulling the flimsy summer dress from the back of the wardrobe, only to return home drenched, rapidly developing pneumonia two hours later…

  6. I just want Burberry. That’ll see me happily through til Spring.

  7. Oh no migraines…I am sorry for that..
    I am not as much looking for Autumn because I love summer so much! But the fashion oh the fashion!

  8. dustjacket attic

    Oh the scarf lady is a crack up and the bike girl oh so cool.

  9. Zoe

    autumn has always been my favourite season, so much more so this year!

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