Some words from Whisty

Hey All,

I think it’s safe to say that there are very few occasions that I feel the need to dress to any kind of rule or regulation. Wearing a uniform to school for ten or so years instilled in me the idea that, that unless I was being paid* to do otherwise, I would wear whatever I wanted, wherever and whenever I wanted to.

There are however a couple of times when this mantra has to be abandoned for fear of offending people. Take funerals, for example. Because unless specified by the family of the deceased, wearing a large pink hat, oodles of fake tan and a sheer, mini dress would be downright disrespectful. (Which ever way the deceased may have thought about such an outfit. I know my dear old Grandfather would have loved such brazen hussyness at his funeral. Unfortunately for him attendees were limited to a bunch of portly old cockneys and my sister and I blubbing on the font row). So sombre attire; it just is.

Weddings are another occasion when attire is an issue. This week I’m on a mission to buy a dress for my best friends wedding. I have a few go-to, wedding-guest, dresses in a couple of of wardrobes that I can pull out at the drop of a garter. However, this is my best friend and she has seen every dress I have. I therefore had no choice but to shop for a new one; with this check in mind:

No Jersey, No white, No Black, No Lycra?, No Leather?

So basically my entire wardrobe. Plus; No same-colour-as-the-bridesmaids (This is never really an issue as I very rarely wear pastels…) There was another ‘No’ as well, No Budget. So it was with a heavy heart that I hit Grafton Street.

Whisty: S’up A|wear, how’s it going?
A|wear: Hey Whisty, why the long face?
Whisty: *explains above* … Got anything for me?
A|wear: How ’bout this?
Whisty: Oh hello…!

Whisty: It fits perfectly! But A|wear, it’s black, I can’t wear black to a wedding!
A|wear: Yeah I know, but it’s delicious isn’t it.
Whisty: So you’re just teasing me!?
A|wear: Yeah.
Whisty: But you’ll know I’ll buy it anyway right?
A|wear: Yeah.
Whisty: Thanks for your help A|wear…
A|wear: Any time Whisty.
…I’m still shopping. (now with even less budget).
*I mean in the Air Hostess / Traffic Warden kind of capacity, in case you were thinking otherwise…



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7 responses to “Some words from Whisty

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  2. Awear have gotten so good over the last few seasons. Good luck with the search!

  3. Eimear

    Ahaha I cracked up over this post! Enjoy shopping!

  4. Kat

    eeek of luck, no easy feat, certainly, buying a dress for a wedding..
    that A – Wear dress is rather lovely though..shame!

  5. BernieLuvsEllen

    lmao. I find this to be amazingly wrapped in petite ribbons and topped with a big ‘ole fat bow! What a gift this is !!!! I loved it! Hey you can always say it’s not BLACK–it’s….midnight blue 😉

  6. Lovin’ Awear at the moment. Always throws out something I can pull off. 🙂

    Love the guest post too x

  7. Shannon

    you can wear black to a wedding! what’s that about?

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