Driving in your car, oh please don’t drop me home

D’ya know what’s great?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I mean, back in the day we were all like Woooo Buffy, but now we’ve kinda forgotten about it and there’s no Buffy Quoting in conversations like there used to be.
But I started rewatching my boxsets this weekend in an attempt to forget that The Boy has abandoned me and they’re STILL amazing!
Joss Whedon’s dialogue abilities rock.
And Season 4 was incredibly underrated…I mean, Season 2 and 3 are the best ones, but while Season 4 felt a little disjointed, it had some of the best episodes in the entire show!

But this post isn’t about Buffy -it’s about Paris!

Not that there’s much to report.
It was just a relaxing trip, which was what I needed.

Some highlights include bumper cars in the Jardin des Tuileries, a sunny afternoon spent in Pere Lachaise followed by banana splits and befriending a French couple who own the best restaurant in Paris (and who also gave us free shots that tasted like Lemon sherbet).

Downlights include the crazy weather, being pervily leered at by a disturbing amount of shameless men (old, young, middle-aged and other -it was disgusting and weird) and being viciously assaulted by mosquitoes.

All in all, a very good trip!


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15 responses to “Driving in your car, oh please don’t drop me home

  1. I LOVED buffy! Series 2,3 and 5 were the best
    God, I want to watch them again!!

    I am a HUGE true blood fan now and secretly also am quite into the vampire diaries, i dabbled in twilight, but came to the conclusion that it gave the vampire genre a bad name

    if you havent already watched, get into true blood! I watched all of series 2 in one day!


    ps i just fiddled with my comment thing, try leaving me a comment,see if it works now!

  2. I love Buffy!
    The one where they are all singing is my fav!

  3. Eve

    Joss Whedon is the best! I haven’t seen Buffy but I’m always hearing great things about it! I’m so jealous that you’re in Paris!!

  4. I am glad it was a good trip!
    I might be going around Christmas 😀
    I really, really want to.

  5. Wahey! Glad you had a good time m’dear! What restaurant was this?

    P.S I was in Dublin yes I’ll admit but it was for the briefest period ever and didn’t have a minute away 😦

    • Cafe Caesar on Avenue Carnot….tis one of the roads leading to the Arc de Triomphe! It’s not far down the road, but it’s hidden by a bigger restaurant ….it’s a tiny green place, but it does AMAZING Italian food! Me and The Boy will admit the main reason we go to Paris is for the pizza there…it’s the best in the world! It’s such a cool place and the owners seem to know everyone that comes in -it’s a little Mafia-esque! The guy loved us cos The Boy could speak French and I went bright red whenever he said some to me in French, because I had NO IDEA what he was saying, so he tormented me a wee bit! But they saw us heading to our Airport Bus on the way home and they cried and waved us goodbye and shouted Bon Voyage and the likes!

  6. Buffy was a truly great show. Sounds like a lovely break in Paris, I went to Pere Lachaise the last time I was there and had such a weird and lovely time.

  7. I ❤ Paris… Glad you had fun x

    I need a holiday.

  8. I never watched Buffy and its one of those things that I regret (along with not seeing ANY Lost), So envious of your Paris trip, lemon shots…yum!

  9. oooh! what I wouldn’t give to be pervily leered at…

  10. So glad you had a good trip! I want to visit Paris (and the rest of Europe) so badly!

  11. Reall yhappy that I stumbled upon your blog. Like everything I’ve seen so far, and I will be back for some more! Thanks!!!

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    Is this possible?

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