All these autumn leaves are yours tonight

Behold a small part of my Autumn Wishlist!
Bring on the lotto win!

PS: Those of you who haven’t heard it yet, check out Paolo Nutini’s Autumn….it’s nice…and sad…but nice…



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14 responses to “All these autumn leaves are yours tonight

  1. I must say, I’m totally not a person for fashion, but those shoes look okay and the dress!!! and I like that long sleeved blue top and the pleated pants next to it too.. hmmmM~~
    My engagement ring will look a bit like that pearl one if my boyfriends mum has anything to do with it! xD

  2. the floral shorts, the birdcage veil and the silk playsuit all on my list to buy once I get paid on Thursday list…great picks my deary dear x

  3. That may be fake fur Missy! *shakes fist*

    Nice picks 🙂

  4. Ooh LOVE those shoes with the bunches of tulle on the front. Topshop, yes? Mmm.

    If I visit the future, I’ll throw some lotto numbers back your way. 🙂 x

  5. I am loving your wish list, the hat, the fur, the tapered trousers, the little cute brogues as well as the glamourous and ever so pretty cream heels… I am liking it all! I need to get a pair of tapered trousers!

    I feel inspired to do my own wish list… might help me to stop splurging on silly things!

    And I have heard that song… one of my favourite songs! It is so beautiful…

    Keep up the great blogging!

  6. You’ve pinched the shorts off mine!! Haha!! Lovely stuff xx

  7. That maxi dress is amazing! I’ve never plucked up the courage to wear a maxi in public though… god that sounds stupid but for some reason people around where I live really don’t take kindly to maxis…? And I mean I get all sorts of looks when I go out (due to my clothes, it’s not that I’m hated by the locals) but when I did wear one once I was seriously scared for my life.

  8. Yessssssssss. If you win can you send some mulah my way please??? xx

  9. ooooh, delish bits. and real fur is creepy?!? I wouldn’t be popping ’round to mine for a cuppa anytime soon Miss H… All vintage tho…
    But anyway, who’s on the Tee? From here, *squints and moves closer to screen* it looks like Keith Richards morphed with Liam Gallagher holding hands with the head and arms of Courtney Love…?
    All those mothballs must have gone to my head…

    • I’m actually not sure who it is….I wasn’t paying too much attention when I picked it out…I just liked the look of it (I secretly want white-blonde hair) and now it’s sold out on the Topshop site, so we’ll NEVER KNOW!

      And lol, once you don’t make me wear your dead pets, we’re cool…..I can look from a distance!

  10. Aaah I love it!! Great taste!!

  11. Mmm those aviator jackets shall be hugggeeee. Dunno if i shall be able to carry it off tho’!
    Love those floral shorts.

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