A freckle on the nose of Life’s complexion…

Only on Sunday, while perusing the aisles of HMV with my Bessie Pamela, I was adamantly expressing my dislike of Barbra Streisand.
Yes I know theatre folk and their musical-loving, gay-icon-worshipping counterparts will gasp at that admission and quickly search around for something blunt and large to throw, but I just don’t like her.

And I don’t get the fascination with her.

Sure the dame can sing, but so can a hell of a lot of other people, who are far more appealing and much easier on the eye.

Pamela was shocked -she loves her as much as I love Judy Garland- and so ensued a tirade of
“You’re a sap”
“Eh you’re a sap”
“No, it is you who is le sap”
“Indeed, sir, you are mistaken, for it is you who is said sap”

And so on…..

But here I see Jennifer Aniston has channelled Babs for Harper’s September Issue and I tip my hat to her, cos there are some great shots!
It’s really good.
And different!
And I like it!
Probably because it’s not the actual Streisand….



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19 responses to “A freckle on the nose of Life’s complexion…

  1. Zoe

    I love it! brb and i’ll get my hands on this issue! jen looks great.

    ps. you are a sap. she has a voice like buttah!

  2. These pictures are deadly, she looks fabaroony.

  3. Oy! As Babs might say. Jen looks great. She really looks like Barbra in the first two pics. 🙂

  4. She really looks just like Barbra!

  5. Eve

    I actually quite like Barbara mostly because she’s so unique. Her voice is so stunning and she isn’t the average pretty which I think makes her special. Just because she’s not normal pretty doesn’t mean she isn’t pretty in her own way.
    But I totally understand that you might not like her.
    Those pictures are great! I always love it when they have actors and actresses emulate acting and fashion icons!

  6. Those photos of Jen are phenomenal!
    She’s perfection… *swoon*

  7. what amazing shots! almost the best looking i have ever seen aniston looking!

  8. These are actually gorgeous. They got the nails, too! Fun.

  9. I loved those shots! Even though I don’t like Barbara either 😀

  10. BOOM!

    I’m here to deliver brilliance for you and Pamela

  11. I really like these. A lot. Jen looks ah-mazing. Kinda funny that she’s channelling her though, no? The whole nose thing.

    • “Following the release of Jennifer’s Funny Girl inspired photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar, the greatest of greats posted this message on her website:

      “I was very flattered that Jennifer Aniston chose to interpret my style with the photos in Harper’s Bazaar. She’s a delightful person, and I think she did a wonderful job. If only she had a bump on her nose.””

  12. She looks brilliant! I saw some photos from the shoot and fell in love!

  13. Oy vey, she looks amazing here…I’m just glad she’s finally managing to get away from the whole “Poor Jen Aniston, doomed to be alone forever” tag that has been plaguing her since the whole Brangelina debacle…

    Uncanny how like the Bar Bar she looks in the first shot..And love the observation above about the nose thing too…

  14. PeacockWings

    it’s true she is not that attractive of a women at all however
    those pics of Jen Aniston are absolutly amazing!!

  15. Jaysis, I wouldnt know her! IMAGE of babs. I love it – its nice to see her in a style other than jeans, white vest top, perfectly styled locks (dam her!) and tanned! Loving that youtube clip too!

  16. L

    Yeah I’m so not bothered about Babs, but I love these pics! Pity about the nose thing though

  17. Ed

    Thank god , i thought i was alone in the world of hatred for miss B , ( okay hate is a strong word ) maybe utter and intense dislike would be better ! her war balling is hard to take at the best of times but added to the fact that she is meant to be an utter witch in person means that i shan’t
    be listening any time soon , in saying that her husband is a bit of a hottie ,well for an old lad that is !!

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