I close my eyes, So I can’t see you leaving

Lads, I’m gutted.
I’ve just waved goodbye to the future Mammy and Daddy of The Kittens.

That’s right.
We’ve found a family for our babies.
This blog can solve ALL problems.

Except I was secretly hoping we’d never find a family for them and we’d get to keep them forever, guilt-free because we’d TRIED to find a new home for them.

You blog folk really ralllied to help out and I received so many emails from you guys suggesting potential new homes and putting me in contact with possible new owners.
And then I received an email from Miss Canadian (she’s from Canada) and my heart sank as I knew we’d found an amazing home for The Kittens.

So I met Miss Canadian and Mr Not-Canadian this evening and jebus, they’re the loveliest people ever!
And they’re cat people.
And The Kittens warmed to them fairly quickly.
And they have a lovely house.
And they work for CHARITIES!
And did I mention how nice they were? Cos they were really nice!

I Hate Them.
*sad face*

So we get to keep our babies until the end of September, because Miss Canadian and Mr Not-Canadian are getting married in Canada in a week’s time and are then getting sorta-married again here in September.
They don’t want to be living in sin when they have their babies!
How perfect are they!?????

The Boy and I were terrible role models with all our unmarried-living-togethers….a couple of feckin’ harlots, we are….what kind of example are we setting?
*weeps into a handkerchief*

But really they want to get all their crazy wedding stuff out of the way so The Kittens can settle in better.

They’re perfect.

I feel blue.



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15 responses to “I close my eyes, So I can’t see you leaving

  1. I’m so sorry that you have to give up your kitties. Congrats on finding a fantastic home for them though.

  2. Eimear

    At least you can sleep easy knowing you found a great home for them, and that they don’t have to be seperated, right? Sorry that you’re losing your babies.

  3. *hug* Poor kitties. Poor Hermia. Poor…something. This is very sad for a Friday morning 😦

  4. Awh no 😦 At least you know they’re going to a good home.

    I’m going to sob my heart out when we have to give our kittens away. I only have 5 more weeks left with them 😦 xx

  5. Aww its so sad you’ve to say goodbye to them… But at least you can rest easy knowing their adoptive Mammy and Daddy will be good to them and tell them tales of their other mammy and daddy who loved them and gave them only the best in catfood. 🙂 x

  6. 😦

    Oh Hermia…nothing I say is gonna make you feel better but it’s good to know they will be loved.
    Try baking this weekend

  7. Kar

    Aw no! I had a somewhat similar situation a few years back, had to give my cat away when I learned the hard way that I was, in fact, horribly allergic to cats … didn’t have her for very long so I’m sure you’re slightly more heartbroken, but I sympathise!

  8. at least the will go to a happy home 🙂

  9. Aw! I’m sad you can’t keep them forever but happy they’re going to a great home! I’m sure they’ll be very, very happy!

  10. Awh 😦
    At least they’re going to a nice home… *sob*

  11. You are a funny girl :). If my “mom-in-law” (me and her son aren’t married yet, but still, she’s my “mom-in-law) knew that you’re looking for a new home for your kitties, she will get them, hands down. She loves kitties, she has three. And she loves doggies too, she has four and if ever she decides to retire, she wants to go back working with these “children” too. And also, she’s Canadian.

  12. Oh Catherine. You got me laughing while reading your saddest post to date. And yay for the kittens.

    You’ll be okay.

    And don’t worry too much about the “being harlots” thing. I can relate. Haha

  13. awww 😦 are you feeling better now?

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