Better lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave…

While waiting for Megavideo to do its thang and freeze for 50mins because I’d already watched one episode of True Blood, I had a nosy round to see if there was anything new to watch (that had a DivX link).

Twas then I came across Pretty Little Liars, which I remembered hearing about earlier in the year, but never watched because I’d forgotten about it by the time it actually started airing.

So I gave it a chance.

And while it’s hasn’t got the most intelligent script or the most fascinating characters, it actually is pretty good!
Reminds me of Gossip Girl in its early days!
Great clothes, interesting storylines, pretty people, but not much substance!
Plus they both orginated as teen books!

So yeah….I would recommend you all watch it.
*that was an anti-climax and A HALF to a post*

PS: Make sure you check out the debut issue of Daydreamer Magazine….c’est tres adorable!



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17 responses to “Better lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave…

  1. I’m loving Pretty Little Liars! It’s crap but passes the time 🙂

  2. When I was off sick for the last while I watched all the online episodes – fun!

  3. Love love love Pretty Little Liars. Also with megavideo. If you switch off your router (sp?) and switch it back on you don’t have to wait the 54 minutes! Sorted.

  4. I felt the same way when I watched it. Wasn’t bad, wasn’t good … haven’t seen it since though.

    Come down and stay a while at

  5. Hmm not sure about this one, I hated gossip girl so prob not for me buuuuuuuuuuut……

    I have found another TB fan!!! Where are you up to? I’m waiting for the next episodes every sunday!! I don’t know what I am going to do with myself when series 3 ends! I watched series 2 in one day!


    • I finally caught up over the weekend, so now I just have to watch this week’s episode! I’m not sure what I think though….I do like it but I feel I’m watching it because I started watching it….I’m not feeling the obsession that other fans are! I am a wee fan though!

  6. I thought I was the only one!!! It’s so cringey but I can’t stop watching it!

  7. Kar

    Let megavideo load the whole way, then switch to working offline, it keeps playing past the cut off point! I wish someone had waited until after my exams last year to tell me this …

  8. i haven’t heard about this.. will give it a go 🙂

  9. L

    PLL is my guilty pleasure of late! I’m watching it on watchseries dot com and if you pick z-share vids, you can watch as many as you want. none of this please wait 72 minutes lark!

  10. I’m sort of weirdly obsessing over this show. Watching it RIGHT NOW, in fact!

  11. i like the look of those little liars..think i’m gonna have to check them out myself x

  12. I’m watching this too and I love it! Not as good as Gossip Girl but Pretty Little Liars will fill the void in my life until it comes back!!

  13. I’ve never watched it! But it looks like the usual trashy tv that I tend to love, so next rainy day, (which living in Wales at the moment will probably be tomorow) me and megavideo are gonna have Pretty Little Liars sesh!
    Love the blog!

    Kathryn XxX

  14. I’m avoiding watching Pretty Little Liars just because I don’t need to add another show to my must watch list. Although, if it just happens to be on…I might just have to watch it.

  15. I love PLL :3
    Some of my friends read the books, but they suggested I don’t read the series until after the season ended, because they already know everything that’s going to happen, so it’s not as thrilling.
    I guess that goes either way, really. x3

    I missed a few episodes when I was in the states, though. It upset me. D=

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