Fantabulous Foto Friday and a Competition

It’s been a while since I’ve had a give-away, so I hope you enjoy this one!

The lovely Zoë Wong of Style Wars fame (who I actually mentioned a few weeks ago) contacted me with this wonderful opportunity to present one of you with some lovely gifts from her own collection, West129.
She makes beautiful vintage-inspired chains for all glasses (geek, sun and other). The idea was conceived in New York City after Zoë created a one-of-a-kind eyeglass chain for her mother, but West 129 products are now designed and handmade in Dublin.

So what can you win?
Well, Zoë has been really generous and as well as giving us a Sports Duo pack (the designs are so fun), she’s giving the winner a choice of any silver or gold chain that catches your eye!
And all you have to do is leave a wee comment here to be entered into the draw!
You can also get a second entry if you Tweet or Facebook this post (and let me know with a comment here)!
The winner will be announced at the end of next week!

In the meantime, please enjoy these photos….


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20 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday and a Competition

  1. christwithana

    oooh, a giveaway; exciting! sign me up(:
    now favorite photo: definitely the “what is love?” one
    something about it is just simply exquisite

  2. Photos are beautiful as always!
    And what is love? Ahh, many many things! Simple and complicated, beautiful and ugly, and any other oxymoron you should care to mention!
    Who knows!

    Kathryn XxX

  3. Sunglasses chains are back? YES! I want one please 🙂

  4. Rebecca

    Woo.. Love the blog as it is.. random competitions make it all the better!

  5. Was that top photo taken in Dublin?

  6. Shannon

    would love some pretty chains, thank you!

  7. Oh wow! Those chains are fab!!! Beautiful!
    I want 🙂

  8. would be VERY useful since I am a pro at losing sunglasses!! and pretty too! win-win. x

  9. wow, it looked like i was saying that I’M pretty too. I meant the chains! Well done georgie..! haha.

  10. oh wow, what a unique giveaway.. I’m loving it!! thanks for the opportunity and for telling us about these great accesories too! Love finding other irish blogger girls 🙂

  11. iggue

    greetings from a girl in sweden who would love to win one of these beautiful chains!

  12. Aw, the second last photo is incredibly sweet!

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  14. knowliv

    I actually used to have chains for my glasses, but they broke during a concert at the Roskilde Festival 😦 I NEED NEW ONES!! Oh they will suite my graduation-present-Ray-Bans perfectly

    see how I spread they wonderful news

  15. Dorothy

    This sounds like a really nice prize. Entered!

  16. Maeve Keegan

    Zo Job is a fantastical designer a mon avis !

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