So as if organising a lovely competition for you guys wasn’t enough for one week, I’m also bestowing the grandest of honours on you all…
I am giving you the key to my image collection.
Ce n’est pas vrai!!!!

Mais oui, c’est VERY vrai!
For many moons, I have been storing them all on a Flickr account, rather than sponging up the image memory on my blog, and have been reluctant to let you all know, because I was worried you were just using me for my pretty pictures and would never visit the blog again.
*sad face*

But I’m putting my trust in you all not to abandon A Chick Named Hermia, because true love requires faith and trust and all that lark and I value our relationship!
So click HERE to bask in the wonder of the pictures I’ve accumulated.
Have Fun!!!!!!
PS: Each image is labelled with the name of the site I found it on.
PPS: I have all the images grouped into different categories, but they probably don’t make a whole lot of sense to anyone that isn’t me!



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13 responses to “Presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Those are lovely photos girl 🙂

  2. Is it weird that I kind of feel like I’m reading your diary?!

  3. why thank you!! beautiful photos!

  4. looooove weheartit, the pics are gorgeous!

  5. I don’t feel worthy! 🙂

    weheartit rocks, btw. I totally do heart it. xx

  6. Fabity! You have such a great collection.

  7. Kar

    Forever in your debt! x

  8. LOVE the photo collection! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. L

    amazing collection of pics!

  10. Hi !

    Thanks for your congrats comment on the post about Elle! I’m really happy 🙂

    And I love the braid! Is it you?

    xxxo Afrodite

  11. I do like the pics, but I enjoy reading your blog entries, too! 8D

    I just take a while to get around to checking your blog. But every week or so is good, because I get more to read in one sitting. It makes me happy. $: 8D

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