Falling For You

I have a shopping spree looming as I attempt to update my wardrobe with the new Fall styles.
Autumn/Winter collections make me SO happy.
I’m positively glum when I see Spring looks start to appear and I practically click my heels with joy when Autumn clothes start to make an appearance during the long sticky summer days.
This year Marc Jacobs will be my inspiration…


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12 responses to “Falling For You

  1. with all the rain today, im hoping autumn wont be far off! our summer clothes are dying a slow death I cant wait to get my autumn wardrobe on!

  2. buy two of everything and give the extras to me x

  3. Marc Jacobs i slove…such inspirational colors and designs! In a perfect world, I would be waiting for him in my room, as he comes to propose! haha

  4. Im so happy to shop for winter stuff as well! Never been much of a fan of summery clothes, A/W just seems more exciting.

  5. Lovely! I guess it is getting to be that fall fashion time… 🙂

  6. Can’t wait to get into A/W clothes , bored of waiting for the odd sunny day to wear summer stuff . A/W is just so much easier and fun to play with. Really liking the marc jacobs sheer yellow dress above.

  7. Love the coats! I’m SO ready for fall.

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