Conversations with The Boy

EDIT: I think I should add that the first conversation happened while we were falling asleep in bed the other night, so you don’t think The Boy is a complete ditz 😀

*regarding a cheque he needs to cash but can’t because the only branch near his job for some reason doesn’t handle cash or cheques or anything useful that a bank should*

Me: Well, I can try to lodge it for you. There’s a branch down the road from me so I can pop in during lunch.
The Boy: What if they don’t let you?
Me: Well we’ll think of something else.
The Boy: I could fax it!
Me: Fax what?
The Boy: The cheque.
Me: To who?
The Boy: To the bank and then they could put it into my account.
Me: Are you serious?
The Boy: Yes!
Me: You can’t do that!!!
The Boy: Why not?
Me: Because you can’t! You need to hand in the ACTUAL cheque!
The Boy: Nah I think you can fax it.
Me: Oh yeah and I’ll just fax our landlord a few copies of a €50 note and we’re sorted for this month’s rent.
The Boy: *pauses* We do it in work.
Me: No you don’t.
The Boy: I think we do.
Me: That’s probably just for records. Nobody’s getting money from it.
The Boy: Oh…
*I should point out that The Boy handles millions of monies every day as he works for one of the world’s top business banks…..*

*while brushing our teeth this morning after being awake since 4am due to a well-aimed sleep kick by The Boy into my lower back and me refusing to let him sleep if I couldn’t*
Me: It was so weird having time for a proper breakfast this morning. It’s been months since I haven’t had a breakfast bar on the Luas.
The Boy: *mumbling bad-moodily through a mouthful of toothpaste*
Me: They were good scrambled eggs. We should do this every morning!
The Boy: *shakes head violently and spits out toothpaste*
Me: Well you’ll have to get used to it eventually  cos when we have kids we’ll have to do this every day.
The Boy: Have eggs?
Me: No, get up early enough to make them proper breakfast cos we’ll have to be responsible and stuff!
The Boy: Eh well here’s the upside of being a man -I get to stay in bed while you look after the kids.
Me: *kershmacks his head*

…he would have gotten more than a kershmack if I thought he was actually serious and not just chancing his arm!



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16 responses to “Conversations with The Boy

  1. Kat

    ‘Oh yeah and I’ll just fax our landlord a few copies of a €50 note and we’re sorted for this month’s rent.’: brilliant!

  2. Heh, people really don’t use the same logic in every situation. I wonder if he’d have been grand if it had been in a work context.

  3. Brilliant, both conversations – pure relationship gold. Hilarious that he thought he could fax a cheque. And I LOVE and shall be using the “kershmack” thing. My boyfriend doesnt get enough in the kershmack department. 🙂 x

  4. Zakerius

    I love the “Have eggs?” comment. Morning time, what an awful time to be alive.

  5. Haha! I love those falling asleep conversations, the Bear talks some amount of nonsense when he’s only half awake. eg “Do pandas….have tails…like worms…?” Your guess is as good as mine like. Super feckin cute though.

  6. So funny, can totally relate to that one love. Hope all is well. x

  7. Kar

    I sympathise with The Boy, I too used to think silly things about banks. I once thought I could get my Mum to withdraw a whole load money from my account for me if I wrote a note the bank lady saying it was OK…

    Good god, why did I just admit that …

  8. Hahahaha that was brilliant!! x

  9. hahaha so cute! I love late night silliness!

  10. Comedic gold often comes out of my late night conversations with my husband. And “Have eggs?” – hilarious!

  11. Hahaha! He definitely should have gotten more than a kershmack but that might have prevented you two from actually having them kids. 😀

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