Fantabulous Foto Friday and a Competition Result

It’s days like this that I wish blogging was a paying day job.
I had to turn down a really fun fashion challenge by a great Irish magazine because it clashed with my real world job.
I’m annoyed.
*shakes fist*

My only consolation is that I have money to buy my Autumn wardrobe!

Speaking of having stuff (sorta), I shall now announce the winner of the competition!!!!!!
*drum roll*
And the winner is………
Emma from Elle of the Ball!!!!!!!
(send me on your info, Dearie!)
And to everyone who didn’t win, you can still get yourselves those lovely chains from West129.

Now have some pictures in honour of the lovely fashion fun I could have been having at a shoot on Monday….



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9 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday and a Competition Result

  1. congrats to the winner, cheers!

  2. emilycross

    Congratulations to the winner!

    Thanks for comment Hermia, I won’t be able to make the get together (damn it!!!) because i’ve to go to my cousin’s 30th on the 18th September. . . family eh!

    Have a wonderful time though!! And thanks for the invite too 🙂

  3. It doesn’t really matter most of the time, but now and again, I often wonder what life would be like if I was cooler… It would probably like these photos.

  4. Love the last pic! fab!

  5. OH MY DAYS! I never win anything! This is the best. day. ever.

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