Fantabulous Foto Friday

Nothing to write today.
I need to save my words for a specific thing.
It’d be nice if people didn’t keep me waiting though.
With great power comes great responsibility.
And basic human compassion would also be nice.
PS: This is turning into a horrific week. Included on the list of things I’ve lost in the last few days is this amazing apartment I found in the city centre where I work.
It had a spiral staircase.
Someone else got there first.
Damn them.



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5 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday

  1. Aww no I HATE when that happens!! Its actually heartbreaking, but the right one will come along and you will get it:)!! x

  2. Beautiful pics – wish my house looked like the first one!

    Boo to losing that apartment, happened me many times – it sucks cuz you have already pictured yourself living there then *bam* no more.

    You’ll find something even better tho’.

  3. I love your pictures. Sorry about the apartment. 😦

  4. Jen

    That is an amazing apartment! Shame you missed out!

    Lovely blog you have here!

  5. nice colours & compositions in these pics 🙂

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