Let’s Go To The Mall

I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I love shopping.
Shopping makes me happy.
Handing over money and receiving beautiful clothes, books, shoes, whatever gives me a buzz.

Confessions of a Shopaholic?
I think so.

But just as it makes me ridiculously happy, it can also bring me down.
Like if I head out looking for a simple black dress for a night out and I can’t find one.
It makes me cranky and sad.

And when I’m cranky or sad, I buy stupid things.
Which is why I’ve learned not to shop when I’m crankly and/or sad.
Or having a Fat Day.

But I broke my own rule on Friday.
I was having a really, really awful day.
Work was terrible and people were being terrible.
There was one particularly horrible person, but that’s a story for another day.

So I needed a teary night with comfort food and comfort TV and hugs.
Except I had let my laundry pile up.
And I was PJless.
And hoodieless.
Can’t have a Sad Night without comfy clothes.

And so I decided to pop into Topshop on the way home and treat myself to these Snoopy PJs.

Except when I tried them on, I realised that like most things in Topshop, they were designed to be skin tight.
Like I was purposely buying them in a Size 12 so that they were baggy, but they weren’t baggy.
A size bigger than my usual size and they weren’t baggy!
So instead of being rational, I cried in the changing room (I was already very emotional) because I had gone up a couple of sizes.

And then I tried to comfort myself by looking for a dress I’d seen on the website, but they didn’t have it in store.
Which made me cranky.

In order to cut short this post, I’ll say that I looked in a couple of other shops as I had lost all sense and after getting more and more cranky and upset, I eventually ended up in vintage store Carousel where I was so desperate to find something I could buy, that I bought a €60 dress.
Which is lovely.
And I can’t return it cos it was on sale.

So disaster basically.

It does make me think I should start selling dresses on Ebay though, cos I have a fair few impulse buys that just didn’t work for me but would look gorgeous on someone else!



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12 responses to “Let’s Go To The Mall

  1. hey hermia..
    this happens to me a lot.. and i keep on moving from one city to the other.. so I prefer throwng those thngs away rather than packing them!!

  2. Topshop sizes are the ghey.

  3. Topshop frequently takes my confidence into the back room and gives it a few slaps.

    You don’t mind them. They make clothes for malnourished people. (At least that’s what I tell myself when I go from an Awear 12 to a Topshop 16.) x

  4. Everyone has days like that! And too many a time have I impulse bought something then got it home and think “what was I thinking??!! Internet shopping and ebay also a bad idea when in a cranky mood! 🙂
    But I do love shopping! Clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery, books, dvds, food, home wear, basically everything! I love it ♥ !

    Kathryn XxX

  5. You can speak for me lady! I loooove shopping!

  6. I would have cried, too! I think it has happened to me before…And well, I think I have also been waiting for the universe to send me some love! ha!!

  7. jenniemc

    awww, listen it happens. weird sizing, bloating, time of the month, crappy mirrors. forget about it and do something nice for yourself and stick on a pair of auld pjs that have been lying around in the back of the closet!

  8. Miserable! We’ve all had the awful changing room moments – most of my ones have happened in H & M. You can angle the mirrors in H & M so you can see EVERYTHING! Not gopod at all at all.


  9. oh i know exactly how you feel! i’ve had plenty of impulse buys myself, but i pretty much force myself to wear them so i don’t feel so bad. I so need an ebay store too, it’ll help declutter my life (: I’ve stopped shopping for awhile since I went up like 1 dress size over the year, it helps me get all motivated to lose the excess weight! plus, it’s better for my wallet too (:
    ps: never buy pjs from topshop, i don’t know who would sacrifice comfort over aesthetics when it comes to bedtime! xo

  10. big hugs Hermz… There is nothing worse that getting frustrated then having a bit of a sob… it just makes you even more frustrated and cranky! I’m feeling your pain…
    Ps: I love these pics you chose… mmmm fuuuuurrrrrssss.
    pps: Gonna miss reading your posts for the next week or so. Xx

  11. Who came up with this stupid rule that you can’t return clothes that were on sale!! I hate it!!
    But if it makes you feel better: I have tons of impulse buys and I’m putting up a shop or blog (I did the latter, but Ebay’s probably better) very soon.

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