Fare Thee Well

The blogosphere is rather quiet at the moment.
And while it’s not unusual at this time of year, with all those lucky bloggers busy returning to college, the lack of people is sapping my own enthusiasm to blog and with fewer posts to read, I’m less inspired and coming up with fewer ideas.
That, combined with the fact that my life seems to be getting a little crazy right now, means I’m finding the blog a chore rather than release.
(also, I’m fighting the urge not to vent about a rather horrendous person right now, which is proving difficult because this is my Vent Place!)
So I’m going to take a wee break.
Just for the next couple of weeks!
You, stop hyperventilating! I’ll be back!
I’ll defuzz the brain and return brimming with exciting stuff to tell you all about.
(eh, hopefully)
I’ll aim to be back blogging by Monday 13th September, so mark it in your diary!!!
Don’t stop reading just because I’m taking some rest time!
Stay true, Lovers!
And in the meantime, please enjoy this cute kitten…



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28 responses to “Fare Thee Well

  1. have fun on your break. I really understand this 😉
    I`ll be here when you return 😀

  2. Lucky you made sure to tell me to stop hyperventilating….. that could’ve been ugly.

    The blogosphere is pretty quiet now that ya mention it. People need to be unemployed and college courseless for the Blogworld to make mucho noise.

    Waiting for 13th Sept already! Enjoy le break x

  3. Oh dear I completely understand. Next to Christmas & Hannukah time this is the other busiest time of the year for people. Enjoy your break! I hope that certain person ordeal works out for you. We’ll be here when you get back!

  4. Zakerius

    I hope you’re okay Chick, all will be fine, it always is!
    See you soon!

  5. but but but…. will you still play with me? ;(

  6. Using a cute kitten is undoubtedly the best way to say goodbye. Even for just a short while 🙂

  7. we’ll miss you…

    If you want someone to vent to you can always email me and rant away to your hearts content

  8. You’ll be missed love! Enjoy!

  9. Aaaw what’ll I do every day I love reading your blog! I never have time to leave comments or infact update my own blog but I always always read! Enjoy the break! Looking forward to the next read!

  10. Eve

    I know exactly what you mean. I feel like there used to be some many more posts everyday. It’s odd. Well have a lovely break and perhaps when you return you’ll have some new stories to tell us!


  11. Awh 😦
    Will miss your posts.
    Enjoy the break tho!

  12. Kar

    Oh dear, I’m afraid I’m contributing to this quietness … it’s been a horribly busy auld week. Totally understand the need for a break, I hope you enjoy it, you certainly deserve it 🙂

  13. Ina

    =O that happens to me too, take your days, check my post from today im sure be help to you, it’s about mafalda =D

  14. well friend, i hope you have a nice, relaxing break and that your brain is completely refreshed, and you feel much much better. everything works out, don’t worry!
    we, all your blogfollowers, are all rooting for you!


  16. I just marked the date 🙂
    But hey, you have fun and take a break from everything else as well! Should make you feel better! Is it the post-travel down? *hug*

  17. ~Oh you will be missed darling! Have a wonderful time off, I hope that everything sorts itself out for your grand return xxx

  18. Agree that the blogosphere has gone a bit dead, I think everyone is enjoying the last bit of hols before college (or in my case rushing to get my summer project done!) Have a fab break! x

  19. I’ll miss the witty banter like…a fat kid misses cake? x

  20. agreed – the blog world has gone a bit quiet. And agreed again – bloggin can become a tad bit of a chore, especially when you have stuff going on. life just takes over sometimes. Enjoy the break .x.

  21. jenniemc

    blog fatigue totally happens to the best of us. you’re dead right to take a break. recharge the batteries and catch up on some zzzz’s

  22. I took an extended break from the blogging world for a few weeks too. I’m back now and feeling refreshed and inspired… it’s the way forward! Enjoy your break and I look forward to your return! x

  23. christwithana

    sep. 13th is taking too long!
    i keep forgetting and getting on
    and then i’m like, oh yea; break time
    darn 😦

  24. Come back soon lovely lady! x

  25. I honestly miss your posts! xx

  26. iggue

    Don’t you think it’s time to come back now? Because I really miss your posts!

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