I’ve had the same jeans on for four days now

Woooo, I’m back!
And completely void of things to say!

I really thought the time away would refresh my brain, but I think it made it worse!
Although I did come up with a great idea for the day I finally lose the head, tell The Man where to stick his damned capitalism and leave my job!
Which will probably never happen cos I like buying pretty things far too much!

Speaking of buying pretty things, during a shopping trip with The Boy last weekend, I purchased this WONDERFUL jumper:

Isn’t it amazing!?
Seriously, the boy’s department in River Island is WAY better than the girl’s department this season…and probably more feminine too!
The Boy was going mad cos he’s shopped there for years and he found very little that didn’t make him look like he was batting for a new team!
I was very happy though!
Plus, I now have my Christmas Jumper
(that I will wear all year round)

Tune into tomorrow to hear about a certain The Boy flooding our apartment…



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18 responses to “I’ve had the same jeans on for four days now

  1. Hello! Glad to have you back m’dear!

  2. I LOVE the jumper!!! You must wear it christmas day. I really wish it was cold in aus for xmas because I always wanted to wear a big wintery knitted sweater!! xxx

  3. jenniemc

    this jumper is ADORABLE. total alpine goodliness. really suprised that the river island stuff is tres feminine down in the mens department? although shopping in the mens section is totally where its at!



  4. That jumper is amazeballs! I could never pull it off, I’d look like a four year old!

    I love your blog, the internet was just that little bit more boring in the last two weeks.

    xxx polkadot

  5. Woo! Glad you decided to come back…what was with the threatening facebook status about not coming back?? Cruel, that’s what 😛

    Smashing jumper. All you need now is a cup of egg nog and your hot to trot.xx

    • Lol sorry, but it was just so nice not having to worry about posts or having to delay sleep in order to comment on the thousands of blogs in my blogroll…I GOT TO WATCH MOVIES PROPERLY WITH MY FULL ATTENTION!
      It truly was beautiful…. *sigh*

  6. LOVE the jumper!…Gonna head down there today on your recommendation and see if I can’t find something as adorable for myself!


  7. L

    Amazing find! Mens section of Topshop has some fairisle stuff too… oooh as much as I miss ‘summer’, I can’t get enough of AW clothes!!

  8. Welcome back! So nice to see a new post when I clicked on! Great jumper love.

  9. Yay you’re back!!! 😀
    Love the jumper!

  10. Love the jumper!! Excited to hear how the boy flooded the apartment!
    Lady Peach

  11. welcome back 🙂 missed you! xx

  12. Eve

    I’m seriously loving the sweater!! It’s adorable!

  13. christwithana

    and is it completely odd that i’ve taken to referring to my bgf as “the boy” when discussin him with my besties?
    cause i blame you haha 🙂

  14. ahhh i bought this last weekend and wasn’t sure if i was being mad in the head or not!! you have now made me feel that no, not mad..perfectly sane! poor fella could find no decent clothes for himself either mind you. Can’t wait to wear this!

  15. Good to hear you are back! I missed your pots. ♥

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