The Flood -Part 1

So last Monday morning, I woke up all alone as The Boy was doing an early shift in work.
I yawned and stretched and crawled out of bed.
I trudged into the main bathroom and had a quick shower.
Then on went the make-up, quick blow-dry of the fringe and on to breakfast.

And then I walked into our walk-in closet to pick out that day’s outfit.

Hmmmmm, is it just me or does the carpet feel a little damp?
No wait….A LOT damp.

Just to give you an idea of our apartment’s layout, we have a main bathroom with a bath that leads off the hallway, and then when you go into our bedroom, our wardrobe is a mini-room that leads into an en-suite, which only The Boy uses cos he’s SO messy and boyish.

So there I am at 7:30am on my hands and knees trying to figure out just how much of the carpet was wet.
It was ALL wet.
I opened up the door leading into The Boy’s bathroom to find the floor under a half-inch of water.
He had clothes on the floor that were practically balls of water.
The air was heavy with moisture.
And there was a dripping noise.
Oh God, is there a leak?

I gave The Boy a ring…
The Boy: Hello?
Me: It’s me. What the hell happened in your bathroom?
The Boy: Ehh…..
Me: The Boy!! The wardrobe carpet is SOAKED!
The Boy: Oh I didn’t notice.
Me: Was it the shower? Did it overflow??
The Boy: Eh, yeah.
The Boy: I didn’t think it had.
Me: And why didn’t you wake me up and tell me!?
The Boy: I didn’t think you’d notice. Plus I didn’t want to get your week off to a bad start by telling you.
Me: OH MY GOD!!!!! I can’t believe you just left it! Your bathroom’s destroyed and we’re going to get MOULD and there’s a dripping noise that isn’t coming from the tap or shower head! Are you sure it was the shower?
The Boy: Yeah…
Me: *frustrated hysterical-animal noise* I told you to unblock your drains WEEKS ago!!!!!!
The Boy: Sorry…

So while he get’s into work early, I was a half hour late as I attempted to soak up some of the water…
And this isn’t even NEARLY the worst part!
But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about that….



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12 responses to “The Flood -Part 1

  1. No fair! I want to hear the rest!

  2. Uh oh. He should be punished. By taking you shopping.

    But wait, what happened next?

  3. Boys eh!!!
    …what happened net tho’?!

  4. Grrrr. Boys…
    If he’s ruined any of your fab clothes there will be words!

  5. GAH the suspense!! To be continued… kills me!! 🙂

    Sounds like a less than fun morning tho, poor you.xx

  6. It didn’t leak through the floor to the apartment below did it? :O

    Oh, the suspense!

    xx polkadot

  7. oh no that’s terrible! can’t believe he just left it.hope the clothes aren’t ruined!

  8. Boys are ridiculous. The end.

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