Callin’ out sins just to pass the time

I feel as though I’ve lost a week of my life!
Last Sunday, something strange and scary possessed me to type up a week’s worth of post.
I never do that.
I’m a Last Minute Poster.
I’m an adrenaline junkie who’s afraid of heights and dislikes exercise, so I get my Living On The Edge kicks through serious procrastination.

But anyway!

Obviously my psychic powers kicked in again, because on Monday night, I started to feel a little odd and when I woke up on Tuesday BAM I was flu-ridden.
Those of you who are lucky enough to have acquaintained yourself with A Chick Named Hermia‘s Facebook page will have spent the week receiving dramatic updates about my snot content and impending death.
It last the WHOLE WEEK and even now I’m still sickly.

It was the worst time to get ill too, because I had a jam-packed week and ended up having to cancel a lot of things that had been in the works for ages!
Twas heartbreaking!

One thing I COULD NOT AND WOULD NOT MISS was the epic first Irish Blogger Bash on Saturday Night.
It wouldn’t have looked good if one of the organisers doesn’t show.
(that was my excuse, anyway)
I sipped Hot Whiskies made by the lovely and sympathetic barman all night, while the rest of the girls drank wine in a most stylish fashion, as spirits ran high!
Twas a fantastic night and it was wonderful to hang out with old blogger friends such as Whisty and Aisling and meet new ones like Alex and the WWIWT Girls, among many!
The gorgeous Jo was even amazing enough to bring beautiful mini cupcakes topped with Cadbury’s chocolate!
Unfortunately we were missing some wonderful ladies like Blau, WR and Ali, due to an extra MGMT date being announcedm badly timed holidays and London Fashion Week going on, but we’re definitely looking forward to the next gathering, which by the sounds of things is going to be PACKED with talented bloggers!



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21 responses to “Callin’ out sins just to pass the time

  1. Hope you feel better soon! My husband got sick with a stomach bug last week and it knocked him our three full days. He didn’t do ANYTHING.

  2. jo

    epic night, and you hid your illness superbly 🙂 xo

  3. Ah annoyed I missed out! Next time, next time 🙂

  4. brilliant night!! Glad we could go!! Hope ya feel better soon!! x

  5. Kar

    Hehe sometimes its almost worth being sick just for an excuse to drink multiple hot whiskeys… yum 🙂

    Fabulous night, was looovely to meet everyone!!

  6. Was so great to meet you and finally put a face to the blog. I thought you were so hardcore drinking whiskey but now understand it was purely medicinal! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    • DAMN! Can’t believe I lost my cool new rep so quickly…I’ve worked for 23 years to be called hardcore and it lasted 2 days *sigh* 😛
      I am a whiskey drinker, although normally it’s with coke and not in a fancy glass with cloves!

  7. It was such a good nite!! Can’t wait for the next one already! Hope you feel better soon 🙂
    Lady Peach

  8. oh this is sooo annoying – so wish i was there. was bullied into going out for my boyfriends sisters! all the pics look fab on facebook, looks like such a skit!!really going mad i missed it. please organise another soon!!!??? .x.

  9. Hope you’re feeling better. So sad i didn’t make it to the bash, can’t wait for another one to come around! x

  10. such a fun night 🙂 excited for the next one already! we really must meet up next time I’m home to Dublin because thanks to our positions on opposite sides of the 6 trillion tables, our conversation lasted 4 minutes when we were at my car…totally not fair 😛

    hope you’re feeling better. if not, hey, there’s always the option for unashamed midday whisky.x

  11. to be honest, I just decided that I dont like bloggers and wish to distance myself from them…FOREVER

  12. Glad it was a good night, next time there won’t be a badly timed wedding to go to, I PROMISE!

  13. *sniff*

    *sad face*

    *looks at photos*

    *weeps bitterly*

  14. *hug* Well I am back and I hope to bejesus that there is another Blogger Bash soon or so help me I’ll…I’ll…well I’ll do nothing but I’ll sulk like a champion in my room, in the dark listening to Moonlight Sonata and drinking whiskey wearing a hood and staring out the window at the happy children and tutting

  15. SOOOOO upset I couldn’t make it, I’m dying to meet all you lovely ladies!!

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