And just enjoy the show

Up to now, I’ve let this recession business slide.
I don’t moan about money, except when I’m looking at Chanel or Burberry, but that’s nothing to do with the recession.
I don’t whine that I’m stuck in a career rut because there’s a serious lack of jobs.
I don’t complain that The Boy and I will have to save for a million years before we get enough for a deposit for our first home.

But today it got to me.
I was trying to do my bit to support local theatre and was buying two tickets for Spring Awakening.
I went onto The Helix website (the theatre it’s running in, for you non-Ireland people) and tried to buy them there, only to find they don’t accept Laser cards for online purchases.
WTF, like!?

So I after work, like the wonderfully loving soul I am, I tracked down a Ticketmaster booth to buy them in person.
Me: Hey, can I get two tickets for Spring Awakening in The Helix on Friday please? Two adult tickets.
Guy: *stares at the computer* Uhm, Friday yeah?
Me: Yup.
Guy: What is it you’re looking to book tickets for?
Me: Spring Awakening.
Guy: Uhm…..
Me: …In The Helix.
Guy: Right…

Eventually, he worked it out and muttered the price at me.
Rather than ask him another question, I just handed him my €50 note -sure, I already knew the tickets were €20 each.
Walking off and hopping on an escalator to the next floor, I suddenly looked down at the change in my hand, which amounted to about 80c.
That fecker SERIOUSLY short changed me!
I fished out the receipt to find out how much I needed to demand back off him.
Oh wait, there wasn’t mistake.
Total ticket charge: €45.30
Service charge: €4.00
Total: €49.30

€10 in charges, when I’m already forking out €20 per ticket!??
It came to a total of €42 on the theatre’s own website (that doesn’t accept Laser cards!), so where the FRICK did the other €8 come from!?

And this is my problem.
In this recession I have been so patient with, money is tight, treats are less frequent and more often than not, paying rent trumps eating out and going to concerts or shows.
So when I manage to find the money to treat myself and help out an amateur theatre group, how is it fair to have the price bumped up and be ripped off!?
False advertising and abusing people wins you few friends.

Feckin’ RAGING, I am!



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14 responses to “And just enjoy the show

  1. emilycross

    I’ve noticed this LOADS and it is seriously pissing me off!! And it’s always places that are doing well anyway, and they use the recession to underpay/lay off staff and then they charge more!!!

    Friend of mine used to work in a really swanky hotel, they always had rich clients who tipped and didn’t mind price, even when recession was on. But they still cut people’s wages and didn’t hire extra staff (even though they would usually) and made more profit this year than did in boom years!!


    (BTW Hermia – next time send me an email, I can get discount for stuff in Helix).

  2. Pardon my French, but service charges are such utter bullshit, it makes me want to spit. And I don’t spit. I swear, but I don’t spit.

  3. Wow, I feel ya. I would be ‘RAGING’ too!!!!

  4. Rage inducing. Ticket Master are so annoying for that shit. Worth sending an email to The Helix though – I’d ask them about putting Laser as an option on their website.

  5. Jeez, 8 extra quid is a bit shhteep… it’s obviously ticketmaster adding the extras because if you HAD a credit card to buy from you’d get them for €42 all charges included.

    I feel your pain, I really do.

    But honestly, the show is worth €100 quid. I saw it on Friday last and MY GOD, it was amazing. I’ve a review post scheduled for tomorrow so you can read that. I don’t give anything away so it won’t spoil it. xx

  6. Rachel Bothwell

    Hey… I’m also going to Spring Awakening, tomorrow! Just for future reference I booked over the phone and they accepted my Laser card! It was €42 for 2 tickets…can’t believe you got ripped off like that! And this is not a rubbing it in your face comment…don’t want this to happen to you again! 🙂

  7. Oh that is well annoying. Ticketmaster take the absolute piss with those charges. Hope you’re not too outraged to enjoy it love, I’ve heard it’s brilliant! 🙂

  8. That’s a bit much! Grr. Hate that too – as if things aren’t expensive enough.

  9. Thats ridiculous!! Hope its worth your pennies now! x

  10. don

    The Ticketmaster service charges have nothing to do with the theatre. It’s Ticketmaster! That is how they make their money. Nothing from that service charge at that Ticketmaster booth is going to the Helix. And that one euro service charge per ticket that’s charged AT the Helix more than likely isn’t going to the theatre either. It’s probably a processing fee that Ticketmaster charge them for using their system to process and print the tickets. Yes, it sucks, but the only people to blame here are Ticketmaster.

    If you called the Helix box office you could have paid by Laser over the phone.

  11. Everything costs extra in ireland!

    I went to a gig last time I was home in LeCirk. Advertised as a charity gig. My friends band were playing and I was more than happy to donate a few euro (although it was a gig ‘against racism’ so I’m still not quite sure where the money was going to). Theres a girl standing at the door collecting the donations, so I go to walk past her into the bar and she stands in my way telling me I ‘have to’ donate money, 3euro is exactly what she asked for. So I point out that its advertised as a free gig with donations welcomed, and that I’m happy to donate, but only have 20quid on me and she’ll have to wait until I go to the bar. She refused to let me in, saying I wouldn’t come back with the money to her. And she was a total arsehole about it to.

  12. I don’t own a credit card which means I have to ask my friends/boyfriend every time I make a payment online. That is just ridiculous!

    I am not even going to cooment on the service charge issue…

  13. I absolutely loathe tickmaster and similar companies for exactly those reasons. The last thing we bought from them was hockey tickets and they charged us nearly $20 in various processing fees. Totally bogus.

  14. I had a similar experience when getting Munster rugby tickets with a dash of distain and the utterance of ‘Oh you want the cheap tickets’ on the presentation of my supporters club card….

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