‘Cause I know better not to be friends with boys with girlfriends

This ad has bothered me a lot.
In fact, every time it comes on the TV, The Boy has to switch it off before I get upset.
True Story.

This is a Wrigleys ad that’s been on TV for the last few months.
Cute cartoon versions of food running around, peddling their tiny legs to catch up with The Human whom they love andworship
They play with him, they keep him come company, they smile adoringly at him.
They pull adorable faces when quirky things happen to them, like the cookie that grins when a lock of His Hero’s hair falls on him in the hairdressers.

And then they get in a lift and The Jerk eats some chewing gum, stopping them from following him -basically he ditches them for his girlfriend.
The cute cartoon food items panic and look distraught as he walks away.
In the Irish/UK version, the onion tries to chase after His God and attempts to hold the door so his friends can come too, but he gets trapped in and just before the ad ends, you see he’s about to be CRUSHED HORRIBLY between floors as the lift moves upwards.

They’re cute, adorable creatures!
There were no stink lines or evil faces or setting fire to things!!!
They were FRIENDS who loved the Human.
And he massacred them.
I’m never buying Wrigleys again.



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18 responses to “‘Cause I know better not to be friends with boys with girlfriends

  1. Kar

    HA haha that is the best reaction to an ad ever! I’m sure Wrigleys intended for the cartoon buddies to be interpreted as bad smells that wouldn’t go away, but you’ve got a point, there was no need for the poor onion to suffer an end like that… ouchies x

  2. I always interpreted it as when he chews the gum the things that cause bad breath are left behind! But now since you said it like that I’m thinking that too! Now I’m all sad also! 😦

    • Well that is what they meant and it would have worked if the Food Babies were horrible evil looking things and not squishy adorable cuties! But the way the ad is made, it’s just them hanging around with him and being lovely and the BAM he ditches them!

  3. This is hilarious! Bet they’re kicking themselves for not market researching you better! 🙂

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg!!!!! I am sad! Never saw that ad before! Poor little onion! They are so cute… ne’er to chewing gum ever again-stinky breath over dead cutesy friends. Booo.

  5. A whole new perspective on the Wrigleys Extra ad. Thank you Hermia 🙂

    I’d NEVER ditch a cute lil onion like him for my girlfriend. I don’t have a girlfriend, but if I did…

  6. Awww!! You are to sweet!! (How adorable is the onion!!!) Our extra add is stupid, the man is trapped in a room with all of the food and then some random scientist hands him the gum and he eats it and the food run to the corner scared of him – i think i like this approach better rather then cute little food being heartbroken (and lets face it, smushed in an elevator!!)

    Your adorable miss xxx

  7. Dreamer

    I’m never looking at those gum ads in the same way ><"

  8. Those ads are obviously made by the same people who made Saw. That’s just MEAN!!! Poor lil onion.

  9. That onion was much to cute to die that horrible death. What a strange commercial…

  10. There’s this sponsorship ad on Dave (or ComedyCentral I think) for Trivial Pursuit with a pair of couples (presumably swingers, warming into the night with some vino and general knowledge fun). Anyhow, girl#1 says “Here’s a question: who’s going to refill my glass.” she says holding out a somewhat vacuous wine glass, smiling as if she’s the cleverest turd in the yard. Her presumable (and equally smug) other half looks upwards and exclaims “Hmm… don’t think I know that one.” girl#1 squints and says, with a fittingly condescending tone “Ooh, very funny.” to which I jump out of the seat screaming “YOU ASKED THE SMARMY QUESTION IN THE FIRST PLACE YOU GIT! YOU’RE THE SORT OF SELF-PLEASING, OVERCOOKED BALLCOCK THAT THE FRENCH USED TO BRING TO THE GUILLOTINE! YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE! EVERYONE ELSE IN THIS COMMERCIAL CAN F*CK ROYALLY OFF TOO! DO THE MAKERS OF TRIVIAL PURSUIT THINK THIS IS GOING TO ENCOURAGE ME TO BUY THE GAME?! IS THE MARKET THEY’RE AIMING FOR THE TROOP OF MASTURBATORY BASKET CASE BOURGEOIS SUPERIORITY COMPLEX-SPORTING MONOCHROME TWENTYSOMETHING PISSANTS?! THIS OFFENDS MY SPECIES AND ME!! FOR THE GOOD OF ALL YOU UGLY AND BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OUT THERE, GREAGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

    Now I owe my brother a new TV.

  11. OHMYGOD YOU’RE SO RIGHT!!!! This advert kills me every time I see it!! WHY?!? WHY WRIGLEYS, WHY?!

    I’ve missed being able to read your blog Hermia.. it does make me smile.


  12. while i’ve been away… I didn’t make that clear. I’ve missed being able to read your blog while i’ve been away….

    and I can’t delete my comment and change it which bugs me!

    Sorry! Perfectionism is such an effort

  13. Ena

    This add troubles me greatly, poor onion, he didn’t see it coming:(
    then they brought out another short ad that something happens to him,

    why do wrigleys hate the onions?! 😦

  14. most wine glasses have very thin structure and i bet that they break easily not unless they are made of quartz glass “::

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