What becomes of the broken hearted…

Lad’s I’m in bits.
The Kittens are gone.

We handed them over to their new owners this morning.
With tears on my part.
(how embarrassing!)

The apartment seems so big and empty now and I feel a little lost.
They had so many little quirks and habits and routines that it’s constantly obvious that they’re not here anymore.

Whenever I stand up, I automatically look to see where they are so I can avoid standing on them when they run over to see what I’m doing.

When I open a bag of popcorn, I immediately expect Floyd to hop up on the couch beside me.
When The Boy walks into a room, I look to see if Judy is draped across his shoulders, happily purring.
But they’re not there.
And it’s painfully obvious that they’re not ours anymore.

I’m literally heartbroken.

And I know that might make me sound like a Crazy Cat Lady, but I’m too sad to care.
We adored those kittens and all their quirks.
So here’s a gallery of adorable pictures that I expect you all to look at and then leave comments telling me they were the most beautiful creatures ever.
*sad face*


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19 responses to “What becomes of the broken hearted…

  1. Why did you have to let them go? I love cats, have 2 of them and would hate to see them go…

  2. Awh 😦
    Know how you feel, I had to give away my dog once when I was little… We lived in the country with a hugeeeee garden but were moving to the city and Frodie (a Samoyed husky) was turning into a big dog… so it would have been mean to have him in the new little garden.
    Lovely pics of the cats too – so cute!

  3. Eva

    Oh, that’s so sad! They are the cutest!

  4. Did you just refer to The Boy by his actual name?! Or is (Removed By Editor) some other character who wanders around your apartment? If the former, I’m in shock!

  5. Agree with Anna! Shocker!
    They’ll be happy, bless ’em.

  6. Kar

    Oh dear, you have my sympathies, I had to give my kitty away a few years back after I discovered the hard way that I’m horribly allergic to them… xx

  7. Lovely kitties. Poor Hermia. It sucks but it’s what’s best for them. x

  8. Awwww thats super sad….you poor thing. The one of the kitty in the sink is totally the cutest one x

  9. Awww Hermia I’m sorry 😦 At least you know they are going to a good home? 😦

  10. Aw, hugs to you! Those kitties look to be beautiful and hilarious and just remember they’ve gone off to a great home and will surely be loved.

  11. mari

    naaaaw, sinkcat is cute

    on the bright side:
    you have room for more kitties!!

  12. 😦 thats so sad. such gorgeous looking wee kitties! my sister’s beautiful white cat went missing and never returned about a month ago..heartbreaking. his brother pines for him every day!

  13. Oh dear.

    Be strong, i understand your pain.

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