Underneath the purple rain

I’m  a bit too blue to blog at the moment.
I have tried, but it’s like drawing blood from a stone.
I think September and October are my jinxed blogging months, cos I ran out of enthusiasm this time last year and then I had no internet for a month when I got back on track.
I’m sorry to abandon you all again, but I’ll be back sometime next week.
And I know it seems like I only just came back after my last break, but I didn’t foresee the kittens leaving would have SUCH a horrible effect on me…I’m presuming it’s because general life has been so stressful recently.
Love you all and thanks for all your support and kindness over the last few days (and in general, really).
A few weeks and I’ll be back to my old hilarious self!
There’s a joke already!


PS: I’ll still being Tweeting and Facebooking during my wee break (it doesn’t take up a whole lot of brain power), so if you need your Hermia fix, you can head to my sidebar and find the links there.



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20 responses to “Underneath the purple rain

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who’s feeling blue at the mo.
    I actually cried at a man I was having a meeting with today.
    He was over the moon as you can imagine…
    Blue is poo.
    p.s. Don’t be gone too long dollface! Xx

  2. I ended up writing a column for t’newspaper on blogger fatigue and feeling uninspired… which is, er, a bit ironic. Just take your time – hope you feel much better soon!

  3. Feel better soon, lovely lady! x

  4. September is the worst month… total downer from summer ending… it’s cold…brr… there are spiders and daddy long legs lurking EVERYWHERE… and well… summer is over! Wah.
    Hope you feel better soon, will miss your blogposts!

  5. Gosh, blue is the colour at the mo, isn’t it? I think everyone is feeling the effects of Autumn coming… I hate Green Day’s new stuff, but to quote them…. Wake me up when September (and maybe October) ends…xx

  6. I understand your need to take a break, I had the same recently, and it ended in a new blog of all things… I hope you feel less melancholy soon, though… I enjoy reading your ramblings about life very much, and look forward to your return!


  7. Hope you’re feeling un-blue soon! ❤

  8. Same here….:( Not in the mood for blogging at the moment…gah…

  9. emilycross

    Feel better soon Hermia xxx

  10. Now you are breaking MY heart. I hope you feel better soon but you know…feel better quickly 🙂

  11. jo

    hang in there dotie, you’re far to pretty to frown 🙂 xox

  12. I’m sorry you’re feeling down 😦
    Try to distract yourself to cheer yourself up! We’ll all be awaiting your return!
    Don’t worry, everyone needs to take blogging breaks sometimes. I’m not into blogging much at the moment as I’ve just started university and it’s a bit crazy here and feeling homesick. Somehow you need to be feeling happy to be able to blog! xxxx

  13. good to know I’m not the only one with the ‘blaus’ right now x

  14. it is good to take a break from blogging. i would like to do the same!

    hang in there, and hope you are all better soon! 🙂

  15. Totally understand, its a horrible time of year with college stress and yuck weather. Have a lovely break and cant wait for you to return! xx

  16. Thank goodness for the tweet, but I hope you’re hanging in there. I hear you on the stress!!!

  17. Hahaha. Yea… I know about that “losing enthusiasm” of blogging kinda thing. I’ve had it several times before. Take your break, darling. Just enjoy life and take in all the inspiration. Then get back to us. We’ll be just right here waiting 🙂 Till next time, xoxo Fe.

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