Somebody Mixed My Medicine

Bonjour, my darlings!!!

My mental health has taken a turn for the better (mainly thanks to TV and pizza) and so I felt it wasn’t right to stay away any longer!
But man, how much WORK does running a blog entail!?
No wonder I ran for the hills!

You guys didn’t miss anything TOO major during my time off.
I sorted out the niggly things in my life, like going to the dentist (one replacement filling due at the end of the month) and I updated the prescription for my glasses and invested in a wonderfully HUGE pair of black frames from the men’s section. I’ll be getting them back on Thursday and there will be pictures!

After three weeks of trying, and then just two days before our lease was up, we managed to get in touch with our landlord’s useless agent and will be staying in our apartment for another while!
Work, while still not making my soul sing, has become a little more interesting, and I’ve been put on a new project that’s a little more up my street.

While sorting out my own life, I also took charge of The Boy’s and dragged him to the optician and the dentist too. After bragging about his “perfect vision”, he was told by the dentist that he may need a tooth pulled because of a TERRIBLE filling he was given during his year in France.
Hopefully it won’t be necessary – fingers crossed!

Well that’s the boring catch-up post out of the way, so prepare for hilarity to ensue over the next few days!
Man walks into a bar and say “OW!”…
I’m priceless!

I spent Saturday night and Sunday afternoon fixing up the blog and writing up millions of posts and you lucky people will even get to read passages from 12-year-old Hermia’s diary.
Apparently I went through friends like an Italian through Penne, I was a target for scandal and I was dramatically in love with some boy I barely remember.
I was also an unfamiliar fickle creature.
Oh how I have grown!
*weary sigh*
There will also be some fashion-orientated posts, because I feel I’ve been neglecting that over the last few months, and then the usual random musing!
There may even be a post about sandwiches!

Talk soon!
PS: I’m finding it tres difficile not to talk about a top secret project that’s been put into motion, but the threat of being strangled with a string of pearls by the other bloggers silences me.
You’re just going to have to wait!


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18 responses to “Somebody Mixed My Medicine

  1. My most favourite Hermia is back – yea!

  2. YAY! \o/

    Hold on…does this mean that we’re finally getting the ‘The Boy talking about sandwiches’ post?!

    *girlish squeal*

    • Lol I’d forgotten about that….nah, this is just a rant about sandwich-making….although it seems bland in comparison to the WONDER that would be The Boy’s potential sandwich post…I must get him on it!!!!


    I have missed you!

  4. So nice to have you back 🙂
    Missed reading your blog!!
    Lady Peach

  5. The Licentiate

    The mens section in Specsavers = my catnip. Welcome back, I’ve missed reading your posts!

  6. YAY. Glad you’re back!

  7. Welcome Back!!!! 🙂

    Secret project, eh???

    Hmmm. . . intriquing. . .

  8. Wooooo 🙂

    Excited about all the forthcoming Hermia flavoured wonderment. And intrigued about that little post script you tempted us all with…xx

  9. Glad your back and feeling better! I missed reading your posts!
    Dying to know what the secret project is!

  10. Welcome back Hermia!!!!!!

  11. ena

    phew you’re back, close few days there

  12. ahh great to have you back, can’t wait to hear about super secret blogger plans! x

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