The Diary of a Pre-Teen -Part 2

In today’s installment, you will hear the wonderfully exciting scandal from my pre-primary world…and also some mortifying declarations of devotion…

Thursday 8th July 1999

Here, listen to this. Ciara’s parents had gone out and her little sister was going out to the garden to play with her friend. Ciara asked her to tell Becs not to call in for Ciara because she was going for a sleep. So her sister told Becs, but Becs called in for Ciara anyway and woke her up. So Ciara brought her in anyway but fell asleep on the couch in the middle of the conversation. A while later she was woken up by someone messing around in her room. She was terrified cos she thought the house was being burgled. So she crept upstairs and looked into her room and saw Becs rooting thru her JEWELLERY BOX!! So Ciara started cursing at her and threw her out. Can you believe her?
So long,

Friday 9th July 1999

Dear Diary,
My end of year phots were wrecked. The negatives were spoilt. Pity. Colette and Penny never called in for me today. I get the feeling Penny’s trying to get Colette as her best friend and Penny seems to want to get rid of me.
I want David. I fancy David. He’s so very very hot!!!!
That’s all today,

Saturday 17th July 1999

Dear Diary,
Listen to this. There’s this woman on the corner of my road and we were sitting on her wall and she came out and gave out to us a few days ago. So we (Penny and I) climbed thru the big hedge at the side of her garden and messed with some of the round stones in her garden and arranged them into arrows. Then today, Colette was with us and she wanted to do it as well, so we messed up the stones and the old lady (we’re calling her Moany Granny)came out and said she had seen us and if we did it again, she’d call the police. Stupid or what?
Gotta go,

David (Boy I fancy)
Colette, Penny (best friends)
Ciara, Becs, Sharon (in our group)
Moany Granny (50-something-year-old that lived at the end of my road)


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12 responses to “The Diary of a Pre-Teen -Part 2

  1. Ha! Your preteen descent into criminality. Bet you were shooting pimps and smuggling drugs within a matter of weeks.

    Also just burst out laughing in work reading the part about that David guy. Between that and the ‘tonsil hockey’ thing in the last post you seem to have been a borderline sexual predator 😛

    • Ha ha ha! Well I am from Tallaght, so I’m well hard….*cough*

      Uhm, yeah, there may have been some hiding in bushes outside houses and general binocular buying….(only some of that is a lie….) 😀

  2. These are priceless hahaha. You ruffian!

  3. Hahaha! “I want David. I fancy David” Oh I love it! Pre teen crushes were gas. Also love the ol’ rearranging of yer one’s stones!

  4. Oh Jebus that David bit reminded me of when I was besotted with a fella of the same name when I was in first year in school. Morto. Pre-teen Hermia was some little hooligan! x

  5. Haaaa! I love this idea for your blog. Its so funny. I love how you started with ‘here listen to this’. Seriously though, How hard is being a child!? Your best friend is constantly trying to replace you with someone else and the boy your in ‘love’ with either dosnt know you exist or your friend always fancies them to!

  6. Hahaha “I want David” 🙂

    I have to get my diaries out and read them. Such an insight into your priorities and thoughts as a youngster… so funny. x

  7. Oh I have a couple of cringe worthy diaries like this. It’s funny how grown up we thought we were! Love the ‘Here, listen to this…’ Great posts love!

  8. You were such a little criminal! And that poor old lady – how funny!

  9. Eve

    Hhahahaha. I love the bit about the jewelry box. “Can you believe her??” hahah. You were much braver than I was! Hahah I would have been to scared to mess with my neighbors garden, even if I had wanted to!

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