Fantabulous Foto Friday

I’m slightly devestated that Clemence has left Gossip Girl (although I am loving the new Blair/Chuck war), so in honour of her too-short time on the show, this week’s Fantabulous Foto Friday is dedicated to her…



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12 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday

  1. She was great in the show – loved her poise and posture so much.

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  3. I’m so sad, I loved her as Eva. There’s a girl in my college who looks just like her! She’s a beauty!

  4. She was fab… but… I just want Blair and Chuck back together… Don’t like this war malarke!

  5. How dumb is Chuck? Of course Blair still loves him! Clemence was great in it, love her hair.

  6. Kar

    Oooh I havn’t gotten that far yet … looking forward to it!!


  7. L

    Love her! Love the first outfit

  8. I’m going to miss Eva but I just want Blair and Chuck to get back together. I’m more bitter about Little J’s return. Ugh, me no like her : (

  9. Devastated that Chuck and Blair haven’t got their act together yet, but what can we expect? What’s gossip girl without the characters denying obvious feelings haha. Can’t wait to see how this war plays out though, my bets on Chuck realising he loves Blair too much to make her life hell for long- what a sap.

  10. Im so sad she has left too! Hope Blair and Chick get back together, they make the most stylish couple!!

  11. ena

    no way she was way too nice.

    suspiciously nice..bring on the chuck/blair war!

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