The Diary of a Pre-Teen -Part 3

In this installment, Hermia has to deal with the politics of pre-teen friendships…

Saturday 24th July

Dear Diary,
Moany Granny hasn’t said anything yet, but that doesn’t mean she won’t. Colette and Penny have started smoking. They had one each the other day. I wasn’t there tho. I don’t want anything to do with that. I think it’s gross.
See ya,

Sunday 25th July

Dear Diary,
I feel so stupid, angry and embarrassed. You see today I called for Penny before mass and she told me to call back at 2 o’clock. So at about 1 o’clock, Mam came back from the shop and told me she’d seen Chipped Teeth and Spineless (Colette has weird teeth and Penny has no backbone and never stands up to Colette) together. So they never called for me, but I called for Spineless at 2 like I said I would cos I was being a good friend and her sister told me she was out. I honestly thought Penny would stick by me and I thought we were real friends. I hope a flock of birds poop on their heads. I hate them. They’re probably laughing and talking about me behind my back.
Gotta go,

Monday26th July

Dear Diary,
Chompers and Spineless arrived to call for me just as I finished writing in my diary yesterday and told me they’d just been in The Square. I was right. They ditched me cos mam and dad won’t let me go cos they say it’s too far away which it isn’t and everyone else can go. And Colette had to go home 10MINUTES after they called for me. And in a sneaky way they said they only called for me cos they had nothing else to do.
Me and Mam had a big fight today because I said she always gave Lil Bro his own way and I always have to do whatever he wants and I never get my way. She called me selfish but it’s true. He always wants what I have and if I say no I get into trouble. I feel like Anne Frank. She had an older sister who was alwas getting the most attention and mine and Anne’s parents both made us do things to please Margot (Anne’s sister) and Lil Bro.
Time for Bed,

David (Boy I fancy)
Colette, Penny (best friends)
Ciara, Becs, Sharon (in our group)
Moany Granny (50-something-year-old that lived at the end of my road)


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12 responses to “The Diary of a Pre-Teen -Part 3

  1. Ahhh I am rather enjoying your Anne Frank moments m’dear. The stuff you come off with when you are wee eh? 😀

  2. Ha! Think you might have missed the point of Anne Frank just a little…. 🙂

  3. This makes me really want to go and dig out my journals from my pre-teen years. It’s amazing the things we find important when we’re young.

  4. LOVE the comparison to Anne Frank. Your situation totally paralleled hers 😛 another super funny entry xx

  5. so glad my teenage years are behind me!

  6. I love that you’re posting old journal entries. I can spend hours reading my own from that age, so excited to peer into the mind of someone else!

  7. Eve

    Anne Frank…. hahahahhahah! And the bit about the bird poop was classic!

  8. “I feel like Anne Frank”

    This is potentially the best part of this post! I love old diaries… I’m so happy I’m not back at that age though.

    Brilliant blog!


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