The Diary of a Pre-Teen -Part 4

In today’s installment, Hermia nearly gets her ass kicked…

Tuesday 3rd August 1999

Dear Diary,
I got my secondary school uniform today. It’s nice. It’s not snot green anymore. It’s petrol blue now. I got the skirt, jumper, shirt, tie, socks, tracksuit and jacket. All I’ve to get now is my Home Economics book, shoes, runners and copies, pencils, etc.
Gotta go,

Thursday 5th August 1999

Dear Diary,
I really though Ciara was decent. She went and told Becs everything I had said to her while me and Ciara were friends when she wasn’t talking to Becs. But I didn’t really say anything about her actually. Ciara was saying A LOT more things and they were way worse! I was just saying that Becs was mean when Ciara told me a story about something she did. So Becs accused me of trying to break up their friendship. This all happened on Tueday night, just 2minutes before I had to go home because I can only stay out until 9, so I told Becs I would talk to her on Wednesday. So I called for her on Wednesday, but she was out. I called for her today and she was out.
I cut my hand on a piece of beer can in the field yesterday when I was trying to do cartwheels.
Best be going,

Saturday 7th August 1999

Dear Diary,
Becs and Ciara were all up in my face today. They started all this me trying to break up their friendship. So in the end Becs comes up to me shaking her fat arse and flicking her greasy hair to try and impress David cos the group was there (he’s an ugly creep, I don’t know what I saw in him). Anyway she says “I know how to sort this out. Look Hermia, you’re just jealous of me and you’ve no real friends. I’ve loads of friends and you’re just jealous so you’re trying to break us up”. Then Ciara was told to fight me and she came up and started organising when we would fight and meanwhile she was winking at me to indicate she was just acting to shut everyone up.
I better go,

David (Boy I fancy)
Colette, Penny (best friends)
Ciara, Becs, Sharon (in our group)
Moany Granny (50-something-year-old that lived at the end of my road)


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10 responses to “The Diary of a Pre-Teen -Part 4

  1. All up in your face! Love the little ghetto girl inside you 🙂 xx

  2. Kar

    “all up in my face” … love it!!!

    Ha I hope none of your former classmates ever stumble across this! 😉


  3. I love the innocence of childhood diaries… i always tear up reading mine!

  4. Oh, I adore this!
    I always tried to have a diary, but never had the willpower nor discipline to continue it!

  5. Eve

    What drama you all had! My goodness! hehehe. I’m very curious to see what this David fellow looks like! you wouldn’t happen to have a picture would you? 🙂

  6. Ha – I had a snot green primary school uniform too! Gas!

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