Fantabulous Foto Fridays (On Saturday)

I haven’t bought one yet (although I do have faux fur stole), but I’m a little obsessed with the faux fur jacket craze of this season.
I’m just loving the cool, devil-may-care vibe a person gives off when wearing one (obviously when combined with the right outfit/hair/accessories).
It also makes me want to buy some fake cigarettes from the Joke Shop, so I can complete the oozing-of-cool look if I decide to invest in a coat.
Smoking is gross, smelly and disease-causing, but it looks so feckin’ cool in pictures.
But no one should actually smoke…ever.
Down with Cancer.
And also down with faux fur bags….they look like creepy dead animals…




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10 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Fridays (On Saturday)

  1. The photographs in this post are amazing!

  2. Eve

    I love the faux fur coats as well! I love that pictures of the Cherry Blossom Girl, her jacket looks so comfy!

  3. Yes I’m with ya there – I adore faux fur! River Island have some lovely ones at the mo’!

  4. In total agreement, a faux fur coat looks (unfortunately) really great with a cigarette!

  5. I love my fur coats – unfortunately they tend to make me look a bit like an Oompa Loompa out shopping and not like a cool Parisian with ripped tights smoking a Gauloise. I can but dream though.

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