The Diary of a Pre-Teen -Part 5

I never said my life was interesting…

Monday 16th August 1999

Dear Diary,
“A friend in need is a friend indeed”. A well known phrase and I guess it is true. I mean me and Penny have both needed each other a lot this summer and we’re GREAT friends. This is the first summer I’ve been friends with her and it has been the best summer of my life.
Time to put the pen away,

Tuesday 17th August 1999

Dear Diary,
I wonder when I’ll get a chest. I wonder if I’ll look OK with them.
Penny and I found this gold ball in the field today. We were really hyper cos we’d had Rocket Soda and Penny called it Pierre. We were bouncing it on the side of a house at the end of the road, but after 6 times it bounced into the house’s alley. Since no one was home, we tried to think of plans to get it back cos the owners had locked their alley gate. If we climbed the wall, we thought it might look like we were robbing the place, so we thought that if we got a long stick we could sweep the ball through the gaps in the gate but we couldn’t find a long enough stick.
Gotta go,
PS: Penny told me she’s not going to smoke anymore. Colette is smoking like a chimney. Almost 10 A DAY!!! I’m glad Penny has seen sense.

Sunday 22nd August 1999

Dear Diary,
Got my school coat yesterday. It’s nice. Can’t wait to start my new school.

David (Boy I fancy)
Colette, Penny (best friends)
Ciara, Becs, Sharon (in our group)
Moany Granny (50-something-year-old that lived at the end of my road)


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12 responses to “The Diary of a Pre-Teen -Part 5

  1. forget winter’s all about the school coat x

  2. Collette was smoking while you were giving Christian names to balls you found. Such a difference in pre-teen mentalities 🙂 I know which one I’d prefer (and still identify with today…at 22)…x

  3. Haha gas – bold lil smokers! 😛

  4. Eve

    Smoking like a chimney!! Hahahah I love preteen metaphors….

  5. “I wonder when I’ll get a chest. I wonder if I’ll look OK with them.”

    Hahaha – I remember when I used to spend all my time worrying about that…

  6. “I wonder when I’ll get a chest. I wonder if I’ll look OK with them.”

    Girl after my own heart Hermia… 😉


  7. Hats off to you for posting these! So funny 🙂 I can’t even look at my pre-teen diaries without actually dying a little inside, not to mention share them with the internet! But glad you did! So entertaining 😀

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