Colour my life with the chaos of trouble

Hello World!

I think a life update is most definitely required. I mass produced and scheduled 18 or so blog posts a month ago  so I could be absent to deal with life, which meant my posts weren’t very ‘real time’ and comment-backing wasn’t as thorough as usual!
Although I have actually decided to change my regular commenting routine. I used to visit and comment on everyone in my blogroll at least every two days (as well as replying to comments left on posts here) but after realising that many of my blogrollers aren’t as generous with returning views/comments, I’m sticking to just commenting on blogs whose people say hello here! Those are the people I love and cherish!
It’s much more time efficient -no point in killing myself trying to comment on 50+ blogs every day when I’m getting nothing in return!
I’m a little crazy when it comes to Blogging Manners!

So work has been crazy (yeah, yeah, yeah…we’ve heard that before) and I’m really trying to work out a schedule that gives me adequate blogging time without losing that thing called Life.
I had last week off work, which I was planning on using as an Organisational Week (clean up the blog, catch up on emails, iron clothes, meet up with neglected friends, clean that weird stain off the kitchen cupboard…), but my brain freaked out and commanded my body to do absolutely nothing but eat nice food, watch Grey’s Anatomy and the Gilmore Girls and meet up with people!
Twas amazing!

I celebrated Halloween by paying homage to my Shakespearean counterpart from A Midsummer’s Night Dream and donned a Grecian outfit (which was technically a Roman outfit, but poTAYto/poTAHto and all that). Super fun night, even if it did stick me with a two-day hangover and a broken camera.
I do love my brand new Nikon Coolpix (although it’s missing the comfort of clutching onto my now broken HP), which I picked up after work yesterday, so I’ll have to get snapping for practice purposes!

Also worth mentioning is the GORGEOUS pair of shoes I bought from Awear!
I have spent three years looking for a pretty pair of black shoes with weeny heels, because I can’t walk in any heels over an inch high and flats just don’t look right with a fancy outfit or at an interview.
I’d received a voucher for Awear and decided to try my hand at this Online Shopping business. I never normally buy clothes online as I have an unusual shape and I ALWAYS have to try clothes on before I buy them.
I initially picked out a lovely dress, paid for it with no problems whatsoever and within a couple of days there was a super pretty pink package on my kitchen table (seriously, I wanted to marry the packaging)!
Unfortunately, the dress just didn’t sit right on my ‘special’ figure, but it was actually ridiculously easy to exchange it in one of the stores (unlike one of my Halloween costumes, where the company expected me to pay to post it back to them and wait for two weeks for a refund even though THEY had messed up on the size) and there I found THE shoes I’d been waiting my whole life for!
They make me so happy!




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20 responses to “Colour my life with the chaos of trouble

  1. lol ‘Special Figure’ Away and shite. I have seen you in reality remember? Unless that is you are secretly hiding a tail…

    Glad to have you back m’dear 😀

  2. Jules

    I absolutely love your shoes! I would love a new pair of shoes, but I live like 2 hours away from my nearest a|wear store… I guess I can always buy online… 🙂

    And I totally agree with the blog/work/life balance – I’m fortunate to have afternoons off but I’ve been overworked with blogging/working/life before so I’ve worked out a schedule that balances out the three (or four… I’ve started to write my memoirs – very ambitious!!) I wish you all the best with your work/life balance 😀

    p.s. I love your blog, too! Am looking forward to reading more of your posts! 🙂

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  4. I bought those shoes too – so comfortable!

  5. glad your ‘really’ back x

  6. Isnt it wonderful when a clothing/shoe dream item falls into your lap when you least expect it? Its like having your very own fashion guardian angel. 🙂

    I’m still waiting for my dream black leather handbag. I know which one it is, but I haven’t got €2,400 just lying around…


  7. Sorry things are hectic. Sometimes life gets in the way if blogging, huh? Hope it calms down soon. And in the meantime, enjoy those divine shoes, for starters!

  8. ena

    i feel ur ‘special’ figure-ness, Awear refuse to make jeans/trousers to fit me.

  9. Yay nice to have you properly back! Your week off sounds lovely, I always have the best of intentions for my midweek days off (cleaning, doing washing etc) but it invariably tends to end up with me on the couch watching Murder She Wrote on Alibi and drinking tea!

  10. I’ve had the worst blog manners ever lately. Though I justify that if I’m not writing anything, it’s not as bad…

  11. Eve

    I’ve always wanted to just schedule a months worth of posts and take a mini break while still posting. I’ve been watching a ton of gilmore girls myself lately! haha. I’m glad you had a good Halloween. And those shoes are darling!

  12. your shoes are so cute! awear has some really cute pieces at the min! x

  13. Love the shoes! I can’t rock high heels either and pretty much spend all my time in flats these days.

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