Life is a catwalk….innit though?

Was anyone else watching The Model Scouts last night?

I have to say I was actually REALLY impressed!
I know, right?
Impressed with an RTE programme???
Apocalypse anyone?

It looked professional, it was well edited and the scouts themselves seem to have their heads screwed on right!
Although they did have some blonde moments…
“She’s 5’8 and a quarter. I really like her”
“I dunno, maybe if she was 5’10…”
“But she’s only a quarter inch from 5’10!!”
“……she’s 5’8 and a quarter!!!!!”

I like the fact that they’ve opted for a Docu-Style show rather than the Reality style RTE usually fails with!
There were a couple of sob stories (but of course), but all in all it was quite professionally done.
Although I was surprised at some of the girls that made it into the Final 12. There were some wonderful girls that were sent home and some very non-modelly ones were kept (Miss Ireland contestant…eh what?).

I’m just hoping another Nordie doesn’t win it.
Seriously, those guys need to choose sides.
Nordie girls enter Britain’s Next Top Model and now they’re muscling in on the Republic shows…not very fair, is it?
Especially considering a Belfast(?) girl won The Model Agent a couple of years ago and one of the nicest candidates this year is another Nordie!
Give us Fenians a damn chance, you annoyingly pretty girls!

PS: The Model Scouts is shaping up to be MUCH better than The Model Agent (although I did love Erin) and A MILLION TIMES better than Style Wars! Well done, RTE!



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18 responses to “Life is a catwalk….innit though?

  1. WOOT! Nordies! I can’t remember any Nordie girls in Britain’s Next Top Model though *thinks*

    America’s Next Top Model is miles better though 😀

    • I have a vague memory of a few girls from the two seasons I watched, but I’m pretty sure they were really early on! The point is just that they CAN enter BNTM and the Irish one. And yeah, AMTM is da bomb….well the older seasons are anyway!

  2. Susan from this year’s BNTM was Irish though, so Republic girls probably can enter I’d say. America’s Next Top Model is by far the best. I do love Tyra Banks in all her demented glory.

  3. The British Isles Top Model?

    Lisa Snowdon had absolutely no right to host BNTM. The chinny bint was only famous because she shagged George Clooney

  4. L

    Ahh, I totally forgot this was on! It better be on the RTE player. But no Erin? Sad face because I love her!

  5. una

    I agree it was really really good! and it was nice that the girls were all really normal and not over excitable and screaming like on antm! bring on fade street rte is on a roll hahaha!! x

  6. jenniemc

    ooh i dunno hermia, i had to leave halfway through as i was a bit disenchanted with the whole thing. i didn’t like that they were approaching such young girls and i just thought all the candidates appeared so naive and childlike – can’t imagine how they would cope being platformed into the international arena.

  7. I like the photo of the young lady sitting on the table.

  8. Just about to watch it now….thanks to mammy for taping it! Soooo excited!

  9. Ooh this post compelled me to watch The Model Scout on rte player last night, and you were right! It’s miles better than The Model Agent. A good reflection on Irish girls, they all came across really down to earth and genuine. Some beautiful faces too. I’ll definitely be following this show!

  10. ena

    i love how a model scout tv show can be compared to irelands 24/32 county debacle.
    i really liked the two from wexford, an not just because i liked their “sob stories”, i can see after a makeover them working as models.

  11. You’re about the fifth person to say that Model Scout is awesome, I can’t believe I missed it! I had it written down in the auld diary and everything and then my mind went blank and I went to bed ha…! I’m scheduling time to watch it on RTE player if I can!


  12. Loved the first episode, I have to be honest about The Model Agent, I adored Carrie Ann (winner) I was delighted she got through. I love the girl with the really short dark hair in The Model Scouts too. Fingers are all crossed for her!
    I also really hope they don’t go all in for the behind the scenes / in the house, bitchiness of B/Oz/ANTM. I can’t believe that anyone would want some of those nasty girls fronting an ad campaign / modelling their collections.

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