Some things I think you should all know…

1. Last night I had a dream that a non-famous Katy Perry was my roomie and she wanted to make some money by turning our spare bedroom into a B&B room.
On the first night, Robert Downey Jr stayed with us, as did his girlfriend (who looked rather like Jackie Lavin) and his PA (who was a random guy that works in my office). He got very drunk and kept trying to hit on me and Katy (obviously by subconscious is very full of itself), but I was having none of it.
On the second night, Warwick Davis from the movie Willow stayed with us. He was horribly depressed because he felt his career was a  joke. In the dream, Warwick says that he hit a low point after making Willow because he couldn’t get any work until he was cast in Jackass years later and while that gave him a boost, he now feels he’s sold out. This makes me think that my subconscious is racist in the “All black/Chinese/small people look the same” way, which is a little worrying as it’s PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that the actor in Willow and the guy in Jackass are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE!

2. I think all of you should be my Facebook friend, because I’m a little needy and need you all to prove your love. Also, I think it would be nice to get to know you all a bit better! I feel that in the end, you guys would be the winners, because I’m highly entertaining. You should also follow me on Twitter *hug*

3. Yesterday, I spent an hour of my working day staring down at a mob of students egging our Dept of Finance. Gardaí (Irish police) showed up, as did Garda dogs and horses. There was madness, with people rioting and Gardaí swinging batons and riot shields. I’ve never seen anything like it. If I hadn’t been so worried about the Garda animals, it would’ve been pretty frickin’ cool.

4. Season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy is AMAZING! Myself and The Boy only started watching the show around August and although we really liked it, Season 3 and 4 were a little blah, so we weren’t compelled to keep watching. Now we are. I’m just disappointed that I’ve already seen the Crazy Shooter episodes (which actually spurred me on to watch Grey’s) because it would’ve been an AMAZING way to end the season if I wasn’t expecting it.

5. Hector Ó hEochagáin needs to be killed. Seriously. It would be a public service. A good deed. A necessity, really. He is the most irritating, obnoxious and just generally awful person in the country, and now he’s been given a NATIONAL BREAKFAST SHOW on 2FM, which I have to listen to every day and it’s making me hate my job.
A sub-point here is that country people in Ireland NEED to stop referring to Dublin as “the big smoke”.

6. I will have a Blackberry by the end of this year.

7. There is no ‘7’. That’s all you need to know.



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20 responses to “Some things I think you should all know…

  1. Jules

    haha! I totally agree about hector – saw him up in London and I didn’t like him (but my daddy does… weird!!) – I used to listen to Rick O’Shea when he did breakfast – those were the days…. (note: I live in England but we get 2fm on sky….!)

    And your dreams are so weird…. I would blog about my dreams but I don’t think you’d want to hear about Jedward, Sam & Mark and a former TV presenter….

  2. Just followed you on Twitter!
    And yes, you must get a blackberry. I got one in September and it’s amazing! haha.

  3. Eva

    Ohhh the crazy shooter episodes were so intense! I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy for years, is season 3/4 the ones with Denny? If so, they made me so depressed! I also really want a Blackberry too!

    • I actually can’t even remember….I do remember being depressed like yourself though, so yeah it probably was! I think it may have been the one where everyone called Meredith ‘dark’ ALL THE TIME and she was constantly feeling sorry for herself (even more than usual) and it was just too much!!

  4. Also WILL own a Blackberry by the end of this year.
    ❤ Grey's Anatomy. McSteamy is stunning. This series is kind of a downer though.

  5. Wow what a dream! I walked straight into the riot around St Stephen’s Green and it was terrifying!! x

  6. EXCELLENT dream. Kudos to your subconsious 🙂

    Totally worried myself sick about the Garda horses too… poor creatures. And YAY, blackberry! You’ll love it. Swear. x

  7. Hermia … I worry. That is a weeeeird dream!

    YES get a blackberry, they are fantastic devices! And if all your friends get them you can all connect on blackberry messenger and then you can instant message for free!


  8. I had a Katy Perry themed dream too! She and I were filming Scream 4 in the grounds of my old primary school. No Warwick Davis though. That would have made it much better.

  9. That is the best dream everrrr.

  10. Eve

    I LOVE your dream! Crazy dreams are the best! I often have dreams were I’m best friends with the stars of my favorite shows. Hahha.

  11. Suz

    OMG HECTOR KILLS ME. He’s terrible!

    Also – crazy student protest! Remember the great (or not so great) Spar protest a few years ago in DCU?! Something tells me students have upped their game since then ha!

  12. Normally I hate reading about people’s dream but I’ll be damned if I wasn’t entertained by that 😀

  13. Oh God- I loved the season 6 finale…best episode ever! Season 7 is coming along nicely too! And I absolutely love the pictures you use, where DO you find them?!

  14. Haha – that dream is gas! LOVE random dreams like that.
    And omg yeah totally remember the Spar protest in DCU!!!
    The students went all out this year – have to say tho’ I thought it was a disgrace how some of them behaved…

  15. Can’t believe I wasn’t following you on Twitter! I am now though.

    And Grey’s – I love that show so much. It gets a little crazy and wild during a few of the seasons and it’s nothing like the show I fell in love with back during Season 2, but I still love it!

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