I’m kinda liking these babies….



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13 responses to “I’m kinda liking these babies….

  1. ena

    bleeuuuch, they look like something they’d wear in jane auston times, id have to see a whole outfit to figure these booties

    too harsh?

  2. Jules

    those shoes are so lush! however i’m poor at the moment so I have to make do with an old pair this year. Boo! x

  3. They are really cosy! You’ll wear the soles of them! x

  4. They look v v comfy! I want a pair!

  5. I will allow you buy these

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  7. L

    They look soooo warm!

  8. Eve

    Those are sooooooo cute! I want a pair!

  9. ina

    those babies are beautiful!! i want it too!!

  10. Great boots! Love the sheepskin!

  11. If you have stupidly tiny feet like myself, New Look kids do a ridiculously similar pair for a lot cheaper. I think they go up to a size 4 or thereabouts. x

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