You’re on The List

I don’t think I will EVER stop being excited when my name is put on ‘the list’ for an event!
It’s probably a little embarrassing and unprofessional that I still get a little giddy at this stage, but I don’t care! I have accepted the fact that I’ll never be ‘cool’ or blasé about these things and so I will embrace my happy dancing when I get emails inviting me to special events!

I dragged (and by ‘dragged’ I mean she threatened me into taking her) The Bessie along to the Awear 25th Birthday Celebrations last night!
She was incredibly excited as there was talk of Goodie Bags, but alas, we never received any *sniff sniff*
There was free Bulmers though, so that soothed us a little!
Awear are after getting lots of lovely new pieces in but due to the aforementioned Bessie breaking my camera on Halloween night and my LG phone just dying this month, I had NO money to buy anything -the heartbreak was heightened even further by the fact that there was 25% off last night *sigh*

While I was waiting for The Bessie to get her ass in gear and get into town last night after a hard day teaching (PS: I hope you don’t get fired today after that fight broke out in your class…those kids are frickin’ hooligans!), I met up with The Boys (not to be confused with The Boy) who brought me to Wagamama.
I now love the place!
The Boy isn’t very adventurous in the food department, so we eat in safe places, but when I’m with The Boys (I can see this getting confusing), I’m free to try crazier eateries!
I tucked into a massive bowl of Chicken Ramen, which was beautiful and the visit was made even better by a waitress is crazily huge boobs that The Boys (and possibly myself) were a little obsessed with!
Seriously….she was TEENY and they were HUGE!
She started to avoid our table, due largely to the fact that as she leaned over to grab some empty dishes from us, Stephen was loudly telling a story about a Porn Virus that was on a computer in work.

Also as Facebook/Twitter friends now know, I am the proud Mama of a Blackberry Curve *swoon*
I heart it!
It’s taken me two years of searching to find a phone to rival my toilet-dropped Motorola phone, but I have found it!
The Blackberry Rocks!



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13 responses to “You’re on The List

  1. I love when I’m ‘on the list’ too 🙂 The goodie bag was nice – some GOSH makeup, chocolate, Peter Mark voucher and deo and toothpaste strangely….

  2. Welcome to the Blackberry family, love. Does this mean we can BBM?! Woahs.

    Also, Wagamama is AMAZING isn’t it? I went for the first time about 6 months ago and I’ve been back a shameful amount since then. But it is SO yum. May I recommend – for your next trip – either the steak or the chicken teriaki soba. If you’re a meat fan, get the steak one. DIVINE.

  3. Wagamama makes me very happy also, yesterday I finished an entire chilli beef ramen for the first time ever, I was terribly proud, photos were taken & hands shook. The waitress laughed & then walked away.

  4. Yum – I adore Wagamamas! Delish!!!

  5. Jules

    am I the only one here who doesn’t have a blackberry???

    but yay for wagamama’s – always so lush in there – haven’t been to my local one in ages but it’s always packed! x

  6. Congrats ont he new BB, though you should’ve gone iPhone… 🙂 And being on The List is the BEST!

  7. ahh my motorola was also toilet dropped and for the past two years i’ve been using really beat up old phones.. i miss my pink razr phone sometimes!

  8. I love just how anecdotal and entertaining your posts are.


  9. Ditto on the getting on the list front. I know I shouldn’t get so excited but I still do…

    And then I get paranoid that I’m not on the list after all and that I won’t be allowed in. Sad but true.

  10. L

    I love Wagamama!! And re: guestlists, in total agreement with ya on that one, It never gets old!!

  11. YESSS blackberry!!!

    I *heart* Wagamama, never had the chicken ramen but it may well be my next dish.. the one in Mao is very good indeed, one of my faves 🙂


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