Fabulous Foto Friday

It’s a little bit heartbreaking that the Harry Potter saga is coming to an end.
I mean yeah, if you’re HP reader like myself, of course you already know how it ends, but when I finished that terrible “We’re in the future now” ending-ending, I didn’t feel completely like it was over because there were still a few films left.

But now, denial isn’t a possibility.
Soon there were be nothing left, and just like the Friends and Buffy franchises, I’ll have to make do with reruns.

But anyway, this post isn’t about Harry Potter, it’s about Emma Watson.
How great did she look at yesterday’s premiere?
It’s madness how much she’s grown up!
You look and Dan-Rad and Rupert and they really don’t seem to have aged that much, but Miss Watson is a goddamn woman!

And I must give her snaps for her courageous hairstyling efforts (Clueless fans will be all over that sentence!).
It was such a brave move, but she’s working it *snap snap*

And as if she couldn’t make me love her anymore, she did a fab spread of the December issue of Vogue!

Hurrah for Emma Watson!



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15 responses to “Fabulous Foto Friday

  1. i do love her, you can be sure she’ll be a Blaubushka Style Crush sometime very soon!

  2. Not many people could make that hair work like she does…. Stunner….

  3. Eve

    I love her new hair! Its fantastic! And it makes her look even prettier in my opinion!

  4. L

    She’s such a stunner. when someone can pull off the pixie crop you know they’re gorgeous! Ps following you on twitter now!

  5. that dress is great, snaps for emma 🙂

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  7. I KNOW RIGHT!! She looked amazing. Haven’t seen the whole vogue spread yet but I’ll definitely be looking out… x

  8. I hate to be the hateful one in this sea of niceties but am I the only one who finds her to be incredibly annoying and bland? Like a big scrambled egg white, sandwich thrown at you from a height on your way out of the hairdressers?
    I’m sorry. I’ll go now.

    • Lol, ah she’s not! She’s just not a shallow, bubbly creature like other Hollywoodettes…she’s a serious girl, who is mature and educated…she’s almost more a business woman than an actress!

  9. I absolutely love the Harry Potter series too, I have to agree that future epilogue bit is awful. I hope they’ll leave it out of the final film. The Bear hated that bit so much, I think he actually cut it out of his copy of Deathly Hallows!

  10. Jules

    i do love her new pixie hairstyle, she looks v. grown up! 🙂

  11. I’m refusing to acknowledge the end of all things Harry Potter until the final final film comes out. Then I’ll mourn.

    Emma Watson is beautiful! I love how she grew up into this gorgeous woman full of grace and classic beauty. Love her!

  12. i love her hair! and i’m also sad that harry’s finished. i’ll have to find a new fad to follow!

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