And they all lived happily ever after…..?

If one can meander with the written word, I think it would sum this post up splendidly.
I having nothing major to complain about today (except the bus driver from this morning who just drove past my stop, despite me standing RIGHT BESIDE HIM and pressing the bell) nor do I have anything pretty to show you, so I’m going to think-out-loud (what’s the blogging equivalent of that?) and talk about this William and Kate thing.

First of all, I think everyone should start referring to her as Catherine because that is her actual name and I quite like the idea of there being a Queen Catherine at some stage, because Catherines are pretty frickin’ great and they should all be Queens and Famous Actress and Fireworks.
It also occurs to me that most of you don’t know that my real name is actually Catherine (Hermia just happened by accident and now it’s my name in the blogosphere, in a Sasha Fierce kinda way!) and so you’re probably like, “Why the hell does she care so much about Catherines?” -well now you know.

Moving on.

I’m not sure if I like her, to be honest.
Yeah, there are plenty of stories about her parents hatching an evil plan when she was a wee baby and throwing her in William’s way and coaching her in pleasing him and all that weird and twisted stuff, but then you’re not supposed to believe everything you see in the papers.
But I don’t trust her really.
She just seems very fake to me.
And very smug.
Maybe it’s because she’s trying to act in a ‘distinguished’ fashion to please The Royals and convince them that she’s a good catch and won’t be twirling her knickers around her head in public any time soon.
Plus she’s probably on her guard in case she says something silly that makes The Queen slap her upside her head.

I do feel sorry for William though.
I mean, he’s not in a position to meet a nice, normal girl, is he?
Instead he has hundreds of girls thrown in front of him, all hoping to be a Queen, all with crazy ladder-climbing parents.
I figure that’s why he took his time in proposing to her.
He wanted to suss her out and see just how real she was.

And speaking on the length of time he took, the boy is only 28(?).
He’s been dating the girl for seven years not seventy.
Is it really so shocking that he didn’t want to jump into marriage at the age of 23?
Plus some of those dating years happened during college and while he was away doing his military training.
If he was a normal guy, no one would think anything of it, but because he’s lumped into the Celebrity World where strangers hop into wedding gear at a moment’s notice, it’s suddenly a big deal!

Although I do like the nickname Waity Katie.
And I am amused by the fact that she’s painted as some frustrated money-grabber trying to force him into marrying him.
It’s just funny to think of.
Twould make a good book!


Bah ha ha ha ha ha!

I am wondering what possessed him to give her an engagement ring from a FAILED MARRIAGE?
Isn’t that bad luck?
Maybe that’s why he gave it to her?

Anyway despite the fact that as an Irish person I should be ignoring everything to do with The Royals (and also shouldn’t be using capital letters when referring to them) I’m totally going to be interested in this wedding (if also getting sick at the expense of it).
Stella McC is tipped as the designer to be making the dress, although Posh Spice has offered to design Catherine one herself…
Man….it’s gonna be a tight race…decisions, decisions….



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30 responses to “And they all lived happily ever after…..?

  1. I wouldn’t say I’m a Royalist but I am utterly fascinated by the Royal Family. If there is a TV show or book about them or their ancestors, I HAVE to watch it. Tudors, Victorians, Georgians, all that malarkey. I LOVE monarchy. I just try to avoid that whole awkward ‘I’m helping to pay for their wedding’ business.

    Personally I wish they would stop calling her middle class. Her parents may be self made but she is POSH. She is a posh bird with many cares. She’s Upper Middle Class at best. Her sister is called Pippa ffs. Her accent during the interview simply confirmed this for me. She seems to have a snooty head on her. Not a fan.

    • Ah having an interest in them doesn’t make you a Royalist…I mean, they’re feckin’ crazy the lot of them -tis great entertainment!

      And yeah, it’s ALL I’m hearing all day today! Middle class, my arse …she’s LOADED and as you pointed out, even her accent says it! She sounds ‘posher’ than HE does, for God sake!

  2. SJ

    I actually think its all great .. something lighthearted to amuse us for the coming months. I also LOVE that engagement ring, always have and it was more to do with his mother than her marriage.
    Can’t wait to see the dress and the flowers and the bridesmaids and the expense and extravagance and the cake …. ooooh yes this is nearly a reason to buy a bigger tv for spring/summer 2011.
    Catherine is a lovely name … Queen Catherine…
    The dress she wore yesterday has totally sold out too
    Sapphires are a girls best friend 😉

  3. Jules

    I’m not that keen on Kate (or Catherine, seeing as we now have to call her Catherine – apparently all the UK media now have to refer her to Catherine but Bill & Susanna on BBC Breakfast were still calling her Kate), she seems too fake for me and she’s a bit too posh. I mean, she hasn’t found her perfect job yet!
    I’m not that overly interested in the wedding, apart from the dress. I like Stella McC, but it’d be a laughing stock if Posh Spice did her dress (I’m not that keen on Posh, either). But I’m sure Catherine will look lovely on her wedding day (goddamnit).

    p.s. I’m a bit flabbergasted that the wedding ring is a hand-me-down. William should of got it made into a necklace (it’d make a nice one!) and bought her a modern ring.
    p.p.s. I like the name Catherine. Such a pretty name! 🙂

    • That would’ve been such a lovely idea…that would’ve made such a beautiful necklace! And it probably would’ve had less chance of being damaged that way too! I know it is a nice gesture for boys to give their mother’s engagement ring to their girlfriends, but when it comes from a broken marriage, it’s just a HUGE no-no!

      Yeah, someone was saying earlier that Princess Kate and Queen Kate doesn’t sound regal enough and wouldn’t demand enough respect, so The Royals switched to Catherine.

      And thank you! I hated it when I was younger, because it seemed so boring, but now that I’m older and realising that Britney and Chanel wouldn’t get as much respect from the world, I’m happier, lol!

  4. I think it’d be hilarious if she lost it

  5. …The ring that is. Not her mind

  6. I am also utterly fascinated with the royals, mostly weddings though I must say. I loved their interview on Sky News last night, I was watching it with a big sappy grin on my face the whole time. I tried to explain it to my boyfriend why I was so overcome with emotion for two perfect strangers… “But she’s gonna become A PRINCESS. And then a QUEEEEEN!” He didn’t get it.

    But seriously, while her life is going to be tough in some respects, it’s going to be a royal pleasure in others. Like, her husband will be the ruler of an empire for cryin’ out loud.

    And did you see William patting her leg in the interview? Mad for a bitta skirt off her so he is. And WR, yes, it’d be GAS if she lost it. I mean the ring too, swearsies. x

  7. M’self and whisty already bagsed him yesterday :p

  8. I’m the same as WR – I think it’s cause the Monarchy (of france, tudors wherever/whenever etc.) were kinda the reality stars of their day!

    I really liked Williams answers about why he gave Kate/Katherine/whatever the ring – because he wanted his mother to be involved and if she was alive, she’d want to be there. etc. – make a glass eye cry!

    I think Kate/Katherine seems fake because she’s probably trying to live up to expectations and compensate because she’s ‘middle class’ or something. Listening to the sky commentators, saying how she’s REALLY the first ‘commoner’ to marry prince because she has no aristocratic blood or something or other. *roll eyes*

    Don’t have really an opinion on the engagement or her. I just hate that whole blue blood thing, especially considering the Windsors (formerly known as the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) and were on female side the house of Hanover (which Queen Vic is descended) only became royal family because of a law against catholic monarchs and were like 59th or something in line to the english throne.

    Just think its funny when they start up on that whole ‘blood’ malarky!

  9. I way prefer Harry… William is balding now.

    Also love the ring… well how it looks… not sure I’d be keen on a ring from a failed marraige if it’s bad luck!

  10. I’m called Kathryn too! 🙂 Except spelled kind of differently.

    I’m intrigued by it all. Though I shall have to look up the Royal Family’s family tree cos I don’t know who belongs to whom… >.<

    Kate x

  11. Diana

    This whole engagement thing has been bothering me, it hasn’t convinced me either to a whole extent. Of course we can argue
    *She didn’t work for 7-8 years
    * Obviously waited long enough to obtain what she deliriously wanted
    *Will put off with whatever since she’ll become something one day or next year for that matter!!
    I didn’t see no love, no passion..isn’t what love AND marriage is all about?? They seem more like friends for whatever is concerned. And no, HONESTLY I think it was a really bad bad idea to marry her…the guy obviously treats her like a friend not a lover. I don’t know what will turn out of this wedding, but one thing is for sure. If she ahem Catherine did this for the sole purpose of greed and some form of interest,both will live miserable lives.KARMA IS A BITCH…sorry for my bad language. You do something with a bad intention, in this case “Kate” only marrying for a sole reason not love..then obviously expect her to live a bad driven life. I’m sorry but that’s the way it’s gonna be. Only time will tell..!!!!!!!!

  12. I think this is bloody great. All you hear in the news is doom and gloom and banks and money – but here are two rich and famous people about to have a ginormous wedding that the whole world can watch and escape! Can’t wait!

    Also – you feel sorry for Wills?! (as he’s being affectionately called by the tabloids…) I feel sorry for KATE! That poor girl’s life is over. She will stuck in an endless cycle of manners and keeping up appearances for the rest of her life. If she steps out of line, she’ll feel the wrath of the press and the royal family.

    In saying that, I really like her. Once you get past the snooty accent, I think she’s an intelligent, beautiful girl who will be a great role model.

    The ring is slightly inappropriate….I was expecting something more 2010?

    • Yeah definitely looking forward to seeing the wedding…as I said, I just think the amount of money that’s going to be spent on it will make me cringe a little considering the cost of Charles and Diana’s wedding was estimated at £30million.

      And yeah I do feel sorry for him from the point of view that Kate/Catherine has chosen to come into his world, knowing exactly what she’d in for, while he was born into it and it killed his mother in the end. He seems like a genuinely good guy with a sense of responsibility, so I doubt he’ll ever not do what’s expected of him and because of that he’s living a life surrounded by people with him for his money and power. Even growing up, there were tonnes of crazy families chucking their daughters in his way. Imagine how you’d struggle trusting people!

      With her, as I said, I just don’t know how to read her as a person….I’ll give it some more time before I make a decision.

      Loads of people are saying that about the ring…I think they were expecting a giant diamond! I love the ring…it’s SUCH a beautiful design…but JINX JINX JINX and all that!

  13. L

    The ring is gorgeous but I’d be so afraid of loosing it. Then again it’s not like she’ll have to take it off to do the washing up! And totally with ya on the Jinx thing… Weird!

  14. I really feel a little ill that they’re planning a $67 million wedding in such a time of economic downturn (I think it’s bad in Britain, too… right…? Hmmm…) & I’m going to go insane hearing about it every day damn, but who am I kidding? Of course I’m looking forward to the photos of the big event!

  15. So excited for a royal wedding! beautiful couple.

  16. Damn- how come she gets to bag a prince? -_- But it is a gorgeous ring- I see why he’d give it to her (sentimentality and all that) and I DEFINITELY see why she’d want it!

  17. I want more Harry! He’s ginger. :))

  18. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought giving a ring from a failed marriage was a bit odd. I mean, I get it – he wants his mother to be part of things, but still. The marriage didn’t work. It’s weird.

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