My New Addiction

I’ve been dying a slow and painful death over the last few weeks.
I’ve had no energy, I’ve been constantly yawning and basic movements have just been beyond me!
Eventually a light bulb clicked on above my head and I had a major Duh! moment.
Low iron.
Of course.
Sure it’s only the one thing that ALWAYS causes me to feel like crap -why would I have thought of it!

So off I went to get my usual bottle of iron juice and kick this anaemia thing in the ass after work yesterday.
I found myself in an aisle surrounded by prettily-coloured bottles, all of which were telling me I needed them to live.
I’m a sucker for fads.
I get swept up in a whirlwind of I MUST HAVE THIS and due to my need to throw myself whole-heartedly into every project I undertake, I always go overboard.

Yesterday’s project was Make Hermia Healthy.
Improve your immune system?
You don’t have to ask me twice!
Healthy joints?
Well my knees have felt a little creaky recently…
Improve you nervous system?
Well I don’t know if I….no wait…what if it happens because I don’t have these!!!!

I was a little enthusiastic…

But I didn’t want to be one of those people that lives on supplements, so off I went to Tesco to build up a nice fruit collection.
Getting up early to make breakfast smoothies seemed like a GREAT idea…last night.

So up I got ten minutes earlier than usual this morning (how precious are mere minutes at that time of day?) and I grumpily trudged to the kitchen to make myself and The Boy smoothies.
I even bought him a little flask so I could just throw him the smoothie mix as he was running out the door.

Out came the smoothie-blender-machine.
Hmmmm what’s that stain?
And that stain?
And that weird black thing?
Turns out The Boy is the WORST dish-washer in the WORLD and had left dried smoothie stuck to random parts of the mixer jug, which had subsequently started breeding mould farms.
And so I spent 15mins cleaning it.
Making me late from work.

Eventually – and not without lots of shouting and WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!??? thrown The Boy’s way – the lovely healthy smoothies were made.
And so began my breakfast…
10ml of Iron Juice ….to boost my red blood cell count and un-zombify me
1 Vitamin C tablet ….to boost my immune system
2 Evening Primrose Tablets ….to make me less crazy and hormonal
1 B-Vitamins tablet ….something to do with the nervous system….and skin….and cell making….or something
1 Cod Liver Oil tablet….oil the joints and make skin/hair/nails not crap
1 Ginseng tablet….energy production/making/creation
1 glass of smoothie….contains yoghurt, honey, apple juice, strawberries, raspberries, red currants, blackberries, banana

As you can see, I’m taking a lot of tablets and they may all react terribly with each other and kill me or even give me leprosy, but I feel very smug right now about my health kick, so I’ll take the chance!
I’m making my body invincible!!!

This will probably be abandoned by Sunday….

The smoothie doesn't look too nice there because I'd drank most of it by the time I thought to take the picture, but trust me, it was yummy!!



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14 responses to “My New Addiction

  1. Hhahaha!! Jesus Hermia!! Don’t overdose on us!! Seriously though nothing like a healthkick ! My trick is always home-made soup! Esp. before the festive season kicks off and all ya eat is baaaad things!!

  2. Ah, there’s something so lovely about waking up and starting the day by gobbling up whatever health you can find. It makes me feel all sprightly until about 2pm when the lure of chocolate becomes all too much. And, once I’ve had a little bit of bad, I may as well have it all. There’s always tomorrow…

    Kate x

  3. haha I have been anaemic for too many years now, it’s NO fun!!! get some ferrograd tablets (they are the balmain of iron – ie totally kick ass, ha!) and a decent b complex supplement to absorb it. and loads of spinach. and cheese. well, there’s no iron in cheese, but it’s real tasty!! 🙂

  4. Oh how I enjoy and fad-induced bout of hypochondria!
    Tell me Hermz, have you ever read the Daily Mail… it may be right up your street!
    They love a bit of… “If you don’t eat Guava pulp / blueberry-wheat germ-frog livers on sesame Ryvita whilst brushing your hair you will die” type journalism.

    On a serious note though, I do hope you’re feeling tip-top toddle-pip soon Hermz. xxx

    • …I used to WORK in the Daily Mail…

      And possibly with the exception of the B vitamin thing, I do think the rest of them are justifiable! My immune system sucks, the doctor prescribed the iron, my skin and nails have been kinda crap for the last few months, I’m a bit of a crazy bitch come ‘that time of the month’, and I never have any energy 😀
      Oh yeeeeeaaaahhhhhh…..the crazy is justified 😛

  5. You’ll be jumping off the walls after all that! Feel your anaemia pain love especially at this time of year. It’s just about manageable to prop up your cuppa tea while vegging infront of the fire! 🙂

  6. Not to be a downer on your health kick or anything, but there’s a condition called hypervitaminosis brought about by excessive doses of vitamins. It’s very rare but just to be aware of it.
    Also my mam was anaemic for years and she only kicked it when she was diagnosed with coeliac disease. Could just be a winter thing but it’s a sign people don’t usually check for.
    Aren’t I a ray of sunshine? 🙂 Sorry for kicking your enthusiasm!

  7. You and I both, the whole throwing yourself into the next biggest project.

    Way to be a fire-starter as well. =]

  8. I’ll be your personal docotor x

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  10. Jules

    haha! I too have anaemia (amongst other things) and I’ve found that, instead of doing smoothies and stuff (due to lack of time or sheer laziness), I just pop an anaemia pill before I go to bed each night (if you want me to big up the brand, then just shout – it’s around 4 euros for a 30-day supply but you need to ask the pharmacist for one – u don’t need a prescription (not too sure for you irish people)) – u can’t drink teas/coffee’s 2 hours before taking it BUT you can, bizzarely, drink alcohol! (note: i’m not encouraging binge-drinking, I’m just stating the facts). I’ve been taking it since august and it definitely does make you less lethargic!

    good luck! x (and sorry for rambling on!)

  11. Hi Hermia

    Excellent read. Wondering if you’d like to help out a new up and coming social networking site for the Irish community?

    It’d be great to have some of your writing on the site. A blog feature is something we’re really interested in having on our site.

    Great if you at least would check it out,

  12. I used to take all of these things … then I STILL got a cold and decided sod it.. now all I take is calcium ( I do actually need those!) I hope they help you stay healthy better than they did for me!


  13. I hope it helps!! I’ve been feeling so exhausted all last week, and it seems its going to continue into next week too! My immune system is useless in winter! x

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