Cooking up a storm

The other day I found out that I’m A Celebrity harpie Gillian McKeith is the same age as Nigella Lawson.
Nigella Goddess Lawson.
The two are only a few months apart with McKeith turning 51 back in September and Nigella hitting it in January.

Isn’t it just shocking!?

And I think people around the world cheered when they found out.
McKeith,who promotes the vegan lifestyle, opting to live on aduki beans and miso soup, is tired, wrinkled and sad looking with bad skin and a bad attitude.
Nigella, who lives on chocolate and carbs, urging us all to use fatty everything in whatever we make, is beautiful with great skin, great hair and wonderfully curvy finger and is not unlike a sexy dose of sunshine!

If ever I needed validation that my shirking from all things healthy is right thing to do, this is it!

I bought the Nigella Express book after work today after watching some Youtube videos of her last night.
She gets me.
I never appreciated how fantastic she is until I had a full time job that saw me getting home in darkness and then had to cook for myself and The Boy after 90mins on the bus!
She’s my Queen!

I’ve just whipped up a batch of a cheater’s homemade chocolate croissants (see Twitter feed) and now I’m boiling macaroni for a tummy-hugging Mac&Cheese dinner for myself and The Boy who has had a pretty horrendous day in work and is currently heading home on the tram, most probably looking like a sulky teenager.

I love you Nigella!
I’m so delighted to be spicing things up in the kitchen!

Wish me luck!



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14 responses to “Cooking up a storm

  1. Jules

    YAY! Nigella is one of my fave tv chefs, ever – along with, urm, Rachel Allen. Both look fab, and the food looks lush, too!

    I’ve got one of Rachel’s cookbooks and i love some of her recipes! nom nom!

    And boo to Gillian McKeith – no wonder michelle mcmanus hates her (and she’s looking fab for 30, too!). Skinny is out, curves are in!

    😀 x

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  3. I hear that this post got to Gillian McKeith so badly thats shes flipped out in the jungle…

  4. She’s 51!!!!?????!!!

    Fucking hell…

  5. L

    Nigella is my idol, her skin is amazing!
    I can’t remember what book it’s in, but her baked chocolate cheesecake is to die for. Her new book is amazeballs aswell. I got it from the library and transcribed about 15 recipes from it!!

  6. Gillian looks like a cross breed of a shrew and a prune, if that’s even possible.

    Nigella is an amazing woman, on the other hand. Smashing post x

  7. Shocking. Gillian loks so old and haggered… tho in fairness I have never met a really healthy looking vegan…
    Love Nigella! She is just amazing!

  8. Gillian McKeith is one the single most irritating people to ever shove her fat ass on television. I hope her wrinkles consume her until she is just one big wrinkle..

  9. you’ve found for me an ICON.
    she’s absolutely fabulous. one day i want to be her.

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