Lazy Days


I’ve had a lovely sleepy weekend.
The snow and ice appeared on Friday night, which meant that I wasn’t even going to consider leaving the apartment.
I feel a little frustrated at the moment, because it seems as though there isn’t a single time of year that I can relax!
I love autumn and winter, but in the last few years autumn has been overly warm and humid and the winter has brought nothing but ice for me to fall on (I have no balance).
Summer and Spring have been dreary and humid and suffocating.
Damn global warming.
I’m leaving Ireland for another climate.

But it hasn’t ruined my weekend!
We put up our Christmas tree and decorated the apartment on Friday night, settled down with a pizza and some goodies and watched the Toy Show (this is a show that happens at the end of November in Ireland and pretty much kicks off the Christmas season for us!).
An amazing job by Ryan Tubridy and his team made it the best show since Gay Byrne retired 10/11 years ago.

We watched Christmas movies, like Home Alone and Elf, drank tea and ate tummy-hugging food all weekend and I now feel thoroughly relaxed and ready for the week ahead.
How strange to hear me say that!

Now please enjoy these Jacob Sadrak portraits of Hanne Bruning…



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13 responses to “Lazy Days

  1. You have your tree up already?! My mum’s birthday is the eighth of december, and it was a bit of a rule as a kid that we weren’t allowed have it up until after that … its kind of stuck! A week and a half left… 😉 xx

  2. Ooh, early decorators over at Chez Hermia + The Boy!

    LOVE the new look Herms, gorgeous xx

  3. I’m so jealous! I’ve made it my mission not to get into the christmas spirit until December 1st, it’s an awful, tedious and at times tragic tale that sees its heroin (me) crying by the fire as she realises that the majority of Facebook have settled down to mince pies and merriment inducing films. Today I even had to shun a message with the link to Bruce Springsteen’s version of Santa Clause is Coming to Town!!! Wednesday could not come sooner.

  4. L

    The toy show was amazing and the snow after was magical! Tubs saved Christmas. And so glad he wore the geansaí! I’m so uncoordinated so praying I don’t snot myself like that fella on the news last year.

  5. Sounds lovely!
    The new look is great, too 🙂

  6. I headed home to Mayo for the weekend. The more than extended horrible slippy drive back to Dublin ruined what had been a nice and relaxing weekend!

  7. Sounds like an excellent weekend, I foolishly decided that ice and snow weren’t good enough reasons to stay home and ended up waiting over an hour for a taxi home from town on Saturday night in the subzero temperatures among crowds of snow-throwing lunatics…it was horrendous.

    Love the new look, it’s beautiful 🙂

  8. I’m very jealous of this weekend you had x

  9. That sounds like a lovely weekend you had! I can’t wait to put up my christmas tree.

  10. Jules

    I LOVE those photos! and your weekend sounds totally relaxed – I feel slightly jealous! x

  11. lazy weekends are the BOMB except I actually have way to many, Im a bit of a lazy arse. The new look is lovely btw! .x.

  12. Ah, that sounds like such an awesome weekend!! I can’t wait till Christmas holidays: 3 weeks and counting.

    Kate x

  13. i’ve never heard of tummy hugging food before, but it sounds delicious and delightful!

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