I said “Brrrrrrrr It’s Cold In Here….”

I’m a little less miserable about the recent weather after securing a €6 pair of fake Uggs in Dunnes last night.
While I shudder in horror at the fact I’m wearing the one item of clothing I probably hate the most, I am thoroughly grateful for the surprisingly grippy soles that every other pair of shoes I have seem to be lacking.
I can actually walk on the ice now!
And yes it’s worth sacrificing my principles for!



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17 responses to “I said “Brrrrrrrr It’s Cold In Here….”

  1. Thank the gods that it’s not snowing in Limerick and that I haven’t had to succumb to those oversized slippers yet.

  2. I never understood people’s love of uggs, but after nearly breaking me arse on the ice-snow yesterday – i’m seriously considering a trip to dunnes is in order!!

  3. There must be some Toros in the atmosphere! I do love me some Bring It On.

  4. Emma

    I have a pair (cheapo ones from pennys) that I use as slippers, didnt think of wearing them out. Do they not soak up water and make your socks wet and then leave your feet even colder?

    • Well there were only a couple of tiny wet patches on the insides when I got to work and my socks were fine….I figure they’ll be fairly wet by the time I get back home, which is why I’m going to buy a second pair tonight and hopefully get some waterproofing spray for them (the shops were closed by the time I got to the shopping centre last night). I wouldn’t say the spray will work completely, but if I have two pairs, then I can alternate each day, giving the damp pair a day to dry off! Not ideal, but it’s worth it to be able to walk!

  5. Ha I did the same, the 12 euro ones from Dunnes. Grip first, principles later. Between slush and freezing powdery snow there’s no knowing what to put on.

  6. Jules

    I’m actually jealous of you! I was in primardi the other day looking for fake uggs with grip on them and found NOTHING!! I was obviously annoyed, so am now having to wear my hiking boots when out so I don’t slip onto my arse….
    at least I’ve go the day off from work today so I don’t have to go out in this heavy snow!! (we tried to get in but the roads were all icy and the snow is about 20cm deep!)

  7. im a feckin eeejit – im still wearling heels. not 6 inchers or anything crazy like that…but still, i look stooopid. i bought loads of lovely boots before the winter with little heels and now i have no casual ones and no dosh to buy them. so im one of those girls taking minature steps everywhere i go in a bid not to fall on my ass!! hey, i love the snow effect on the blog, so cute!

  8. I was reading people’s comments and some snow started falling! How exciting! I’m having great fun sliding down the hill to class these days… Not really though. I’m terrified of falling. In fact, a girl did fall in front of me on Monday, but she was wearing little pumps! I think I’ll stick to the biker boots!

    Kate x

  9. I love my uggs. They’re lined with thick fur the whole way inside … nothing like warm, toasty feet on a minus a million degrees day 🙂


  10. I wore me wellies to college yesterday, so I did

  11. Ahhhh (fake) Uggs… I too share a love/hate relationship with them. They keep my feet toasty in freakishly awful weather conditions. Worth sacrificing principles for!

  12. Eve

    Yay for fake uggs!! Hahah Stay warm!

  13. Whilst I normally find them a bit rotten, I think this weather justifies ANY unusual fluctuation in style.

    Great blog! I’ve added you to my “Links” section.


  14. Hunter Wellies and ski socks! They’re life-savers (literally on this ice!!)

  15. i wish it snowed here in sydney! it’s actually summer here in australia but it’s been raining, boo 😦

  16. Bahah! I was the same last year… hated Uggs and got a fake pair in Dunnes too! They’re so practical – got a real pair for my bday (an invest purchase they turned out to be!!!!) would be lost/dead without them… so cosy!

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