Mug of Hot Chocolate Please!

This snow is seriously limiting my life and therefore my blog inspiration.
My days are consisting of…
-Get up and shiver and then panic about breaking your leg on the ice.
-Spend three hours battling your way to work and avoid physically damaging yourself. No need to worry about psychological damage, because you’re WAY too far gone.
-Spend eight hours freezing or sweating in work, depending on how the heating is feeling that day.
-Worry about how/if you’re going to be able to get home.
-Spend three hours battling your way home.
-Starve because you’re too tired to cook.
-Fall asleep panicking about killing yourself on the ice tomorrow.

It hardly makes for entertaining posts!

So instead I’m going to take this opportunity to remind you of other ways you can enjoy A Chick Named Hermia

—-> I don’t use Bloglovin’, which means I always forget to promote it for those of you that so.
I am sorry for this.
You can follow A Chick Named Hermia HERE
Now you can all be happy.

—-> 4/5/6 posts a week not enough? Well follow me on Twitter to read my daily musings.

—-> I like you guys very much and would very much like to call you Friends as your comments and suport brighten my day. Befriend me on Facebook so we can make it official.


Yes this DOES count as a post!!!!!



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13 responses to “Mug of Hot Chocolate Please!

  1. yes it does – if you’re really fed up leave a random comment on my facebook page and I’ll reply in kind.!/profile.php?id=723723116


    So jealous. I think I’m friends with you in every possible medium already, so I can do no more. 🙂 xx

  3. Jules

    I totally agree with the lack of inspiration posts at the moment, I’m currently stuck at home as the snow is so deep where I live currently.. I’m finding it hard to write more than 50 words on my weekly food diary post, which is normally a doddle to do….!!!
    please stop snowing!!!! 😦

  4. I’ll make mine a Baileys hot choc x

  5. I love the new snow on your blog! Also, the snow outside. 🙂

    And I DON’T GET BLOGLOVIN. Like, at all.

  6. Mmmmm…hot chocolate. You’ve put me in the mood now m’dear!

  7. I live in Australia, you see, so it doesn’t snow here over christmas. It doesn’t even snow here in winter! So I’m very jealous of your snow panic. I wish I could stay home and look at the snow outside!

  8. “Starve because you’re too tired to cook”

    Ugh story of my life. Get up at six in the morning and don’t usually get home until over twelve hours later because of the stupid snow, last thing in the world you wanna do is start cooking!!


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