Girls on Film

I plan on staying far away from the ice and snow the weekend and will be in hibernation until Monday morning.
Since the X-Factor is only a couple of hours long, I’m going to need some entertainment to keep me occupied during the rest of the time!
I finish work in sixish hours and can pop into HMV on the way home to pick up any good films you recommend, so on your marks, get set, GO!!!!



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18 responses to “Girls on Film

  1. You can’t beat “Pride and Prejudice”! I’ve only ever seen the 2005 version but I absolutely adore the it. The casting is incredible and if you’re into cinematography, you’ll really enjoy it as well 🙂

  2. Jules

    oooooooh… erm….
    *slumdog millionnaire
    *2012 (haven’t seen this yet but it looks good!!)
    *SATC 1&2
    *Home Alone (greatest. xmas. movie. ever)
    *meet the fookers (spelling?! i’m sure you’ve heard of that movie!)
    *A good day
    *A Night at the Roxbury (great 90s movie with a great 90s soundtrack!!)
    *any Harry Potter movie
    *the lady and the tramp
    *hannah montana movie (or maybe not… well, i like it!! the campness is the same as britter’s movie “crossroads”)

    that’s all I can think of at the mo!

  3. One flew over the cuckoos nest! Not strictly ‘girly’ but i likes it!

  4. Airplane! for stupid and hilarious jokes

    Die Hard (because it is coming into Christmas)

    10 Things I Hate About You

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  6. it’s a wonderful life – best christmas film♥
    can’t beat james stewart

  7. Obviously Mean Girls
    Bring It On
    The Grinch
    Yes Man (hilarious.)
    The Boat That Rocked (If you like 60s music and costume from that era and Richard Curtis films)
    I suppose that brings me on to Love Actually and Notting Hill and Bridget Jones Diary
    Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist
    Garden State

  8. Ciara R

    An Education
    Shutter Island
    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
    🙂 x

  9. Seven Pounds! Absolutely fantastic film.
    Up. Think it’s been suggested, but awesome all the same.
    Eat, Pray, Love. Is it out on DVD yet?
    I’m having a mental block on films right now, but I am highly recommending Seven Pounds! Words cannot describe how epic that film is.

  10. Aaron Aloysius

    Is it too early for Christmas films?
    We’re No Angels with Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov and Aldo Ray is one of the best Christmas films ever.
    The Bishops Wife with Cary Grant and Loretta Young is another classic.
    The Apartment, Jack Lemmon, Shirley Maclaine, you have to have seen it!
    A Matter Of Life And Death, David Niven and Roger Livesey being amazing, if you can pick up the Powell & Pressburger boxset your weekend is sorted.
    The Hudsucker Proxy, Ikuru and there’s a Swedish film called Together that’s a nice feel good film. Oh and An American In Paris for Gene Kelly and some classic Gershwin tunes.

  11. Awh I’m with White Rabbit – Airplane def!
    Sleepless in Seattle.
    How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.
    Blow (Johnny Depp is ah.may.zing in it!)
    and…. Some like it Hot!!!

  12. Just do what I do & watch “Home Alone” & “Men in Black” & “Love Actually” ovvver & ovvvver & ovvver…

  13. Eve

    Funny Face! You’ve gotta love Audrey, I think it’s one of her best!
    Julie and Julia.
    Pride and Prejudice, my favorite, I must have seen it at least 25 times.
    The Fall, such a wonderful beautiful film!

  14. agree with eve..
    Julie and julia is awesome.. but dont watch on an empty stomach!!
    Mamma mia!
    Marley and me.. not girly, but verry verry nice..
    Enchanted.. its a twisted fairytale..and it has patrick dempsey in it!!
    Let us know which ones you watched!!!

  15. P.S. Did I forget to tell you your site looks awesome?? Well, it does!! loving the christmasy feeling!!

  16. Have you seen spirited away? You should, if you haven’t yet.

  17. Beauty and the Beast- I know its an animated flick and so incredibly old…but its a classic. Never fails to make me smile. And Titanic, also old and so done, but every time I see it, I’m screaming and shaking my fist at the TV hoping that Jack will make it this time!
    Other than that, Love Actually is really good and I sort of liked Valentine’s Day! Oh and if you feel like drooling, you could rent out Pride and Prejudice (Mr. Darcy gets me every time)!
    Have fun hibernating =)

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