Conversations with The Boy

*Discussing the UK Apprentice’s Karren Brady in bed last night*

The Boy: I love her.
Me: I know you do.
The Boy: She’s the perfect women.
Me: I know she is.
The Boy: But she really is! Oh Karren….we have so much in common!
Me: Yeah I know, she was a managing director of a football team…
The Boy: And it was Birmingham who were my super Football Manager team. And she’s on The Apprentice, which is my favourite show…
Me: And she’s half Italian…
The Boy: And I’m half French. She gets me …she’s great!
Me: Yeah, ok, I get it …I don’t do this to you with other guys!
The Boy: You have hundreds of guys!
Me: No I do not!
The Boy: Yeah you do…like….*concentrates to remember the male actor I told him about earlier that night*…Conan Firth.
Me: First of all it’s Colin…
The Boy: Oh yeah!
Me: And second of all, I mentioned that I was in love with him when I was a hormanal teenager because he played Mr Darcy…twice.
The Boy: I don’t know who that is.
Me: … don’t know who Mr Darcy is?
The Boy: Nope.
Me: One of the most famous fictional characters of all time!???
The Boy: No…what was he in?
Me: Pride and Prejudice!!!!!!!!!
The Boy: Oh….I’ve never seen it.
Me: *shocked* It’s a BOOK!!!!! I mean they made film versions, but it’s Jane Austen CLASSIC! It’s a couple of hundred years old!!!
The Boy: Oh right….
Me: It’s one of my favourite books!
The Boy: …..this is blog material, isn’t it?
Me: Indeed.



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14 responses to “Conversations with The Boy

  1. Zakerius

    I feel for the boy sometimes,
    although I do wonder about his taste in TV now 😛
    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a far better book btw.

  2. welcome back 🙂
    nice new layout & apologies if i’m waaaayy behind in noticing, i read through reader and came across to comment!!!
    i love that the boy is beginning to recognise when he’s talked himself onto the blog!

  3. Zakerius has a point on Pride & Prejudice & Zombies though, it’s AWESOME.

  4. Jules

    haha! I’ve missed your posts, just made my day! (have to spend the whole day at work and it’s been yet another bad day…. argh!) x

  5. Hahahaha!
    I seriously do get that “It’s a book!” moment with my boyfriend, too. *sigh* boys and classics…

  6. Oh Mr Darcy *swoon* I love a bit of Jane Austen so I do
    I also love a bit of Franco. Man he’s pretty.

  7. Bahaha!
    Ahh Colin… I loved him for a while too. The love reappears every Christmas when I watch Love Actually…

  8. Eve

    Hahaha. I cannot believe he doesn’t know who Mr Darcy is! Hahahhahahahahhah.

  9. hahaha I love your conversations!

  10. ahhh! i am IN LOVE with Colin, he’s actually my perfect man! especially in Bridget Jones….be still my heart 🙂

  11. i have really got to go watch the colin firth version(s) of P&P soon.. maybe then i’ll understand their appeal 🙂

  12. Ellie

    I also lurvve Mr Firth. Have you seen ‘A Single Man’? While I am aware his character is gay, he’s still dreamy. And so well dressed!
    Also, I’ve met Karren Brady and she’s a bitch… But good god, men love her.

  13. The Boy: …..this is blog material, isn’t it?
    Me: Indeed

    HA love it 😉


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