A little letter to…. the Irish Blog Awards Committee

Dear Committee,

I would like to begin this letter by saying it’s not an attack on you.
I’m well aware of the fact that you probably get a number of sad people who love to criticise your efforts, but I assure you I’m not one of them.
I’ve said on a number of occasions how great I think you are for all your hard work and I genuinely do look forward to the Awards, enjoy being involved in the judging process and love the opportunity to discover new blogs.

Early today I asked you via Twitter if there were going to be separate categories for Fashion and Beauty blogs.
The lovely Blau also posed this question.
This was the response we got:

I didn’t realise Fashion and Beauty bloggers were second class blogosphere citizens that had to hold their own measly awards for recognition.

Now I understand that fashion and beauty seem shallow, trivial and superficial to some people.
Well plenty of people feel that way about sports.
Others may think those topics are mindnumbing.
Again, plenty of people feel the same about politics.

As I pointed out to The Boy in a rant earlier on – a point that Blau later raised on Twitter – if you’re not going to separate Fashion and Beauty, then why would you separate Politics from News and Current Affairs?
The Political Blog category could even be combined with Blog by a Politician in to one shiny Politics category.

Photography is separated from Arts and Culture, but Fashion and Beauty are still lumped together.

When this issue is raised, there are remarks along the lines of “they just want categories designed for only them”.
Well I’m not a fashion OR a beauty blogger, so this isn’t a personal issue.
I’m not asking for an obscure category such as Extreme Ironing Blogs.
I’m asking for Fashion and Beauty to be acknowledged as different topics -something many other bloggers have also called for, only to be fobbed off.

If money is the issue, I would be more than happy to pay for the award that is handed out on the night.
If there are other monetary costs that I’m not aware of, well I’ll say here and now that A Chick Named Hermia will sponsor the Fashion category if you, the committee, will listen to bloggers’ suggestions and separate the topics.
….I should add that I’m obviously not rich, but once the sponsor fee is reasonable and not a couple of grand, I’d be more than happy to pay up.

I am asking you guys now not to get defensive or feel like you’re being attacked and instead listen to what I am saying and take it on board .
I am not criticising your hard work, your efforts or the ceremony itself.
What I am criticising is your failure to listen to what bloggers are asking you and for making Fashion and Beauty Bloggers feel less significant than ‘heavy topic’ writers.

I hope you’ll do the right thing.




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59 responses to “A little letter to…. the Irish Blog Awards Committee

    • BernieLuvsEllen

      I agree! Also, I feel just the context of the two words are different and so the categories should be divided individually. Fashion dealing with clothes and style while beauty encompasses cosmetics or something more artistic such as pretty artful blogticles about makeup and new coming hairstyles.

  1. Nice one Hermia & Blau! It will be very interesting to see if they will seperate the categories! You have made some very fair and honest points in your letter! Lets see if it is taken on board!
    Lou & Una x

  2. Here here, would definatley support seperate categories for Fashion & Beauty Blogs… I blog about Fashion, but havent the foggiest about beauty tips so dont see why they should be in the same category.

  3. Great point – well made.

    I agree – there is such a wealth of fantastic fashion blogs (like thelicentiate.blogspot.com and whisty.wordpress.com)… and also beauty blogs (eg beaut.ie and skinnipeach.blogspot.com) – and they are COMPLETELY different. All wonderful in their own way, but it seems unfair that Beaut and Whisty, for example, could be up against each other: their blog categories and readership are not the same. I love both blogs – but go to each one for different reasons.
    Like you said – there are two categories for Politics and News and Current Affairs.

    I hope the powers that be see sense and have two categories this year: one for Best Fashion Blog and another for Best Beauty Blog.

  4. BRAVO!
    Couldn’t have said it better myself x

  5. LITERALLY couldn’t have said it better, every point you raised needs looking at. There seems to be a trend of giving importance to the blogs seen as ‘serious’ ie. political ones, current affairs ones. Fashion and beauty are of equal weight and importance, and have equal (if not more) readers than political blogs, and should definitely be split into two categories.

    I’m not a fashion OR beauty blogger (although I occasionally dabble in both) but I can see the total sense in that. Well said Hermia xx

  6. absolutely agree that Fashion and Beauty should be separate categories at the Irish Blog Awards. Just because they seem like womens’ interests doesn’t necessarily they’re the same or go together. Plenty of good beauty blogs and fashion blogs that deserve recognition in their own categories. Well said Hermia and Blau. I love clothes and am clueless about makeup, hence my interest is more to do with fashion, I tend to read/scour fashion blogs more.

  7. Oh and on the subject of paying the sponsorship fee, I’m sure there are a plethora of bloggers who would be willing to help you out with the cost if the categories are separated. I’m as poor as the next recessionista, but I’d chip in.

  8. I just couldn’t believe the lack of professionalism of the reply. Would it be so difficult to respond with something like; “Your suggestion has been noted.”

    I am a fashion blogger and thick skinned enough to not take this the IBA’s response as an attack on myself or Hermia, merely trying to voice the query of countless others. I can understand how in the past the fashion and beauty awards have been one category but in the past year alone the number of blogs in each have drastically increased and the time has come where there is enough support for separate categories. We are not looking to ‘increase our own chances’ but to aid the natural progression and evolution of the IBA and voice constructive suggestions.

  9. Jules

    i couldn’t of said it better!! I hope they listen to your letter! x

  10. Very unprofessional and slightly rude. Im totaly in agree with this. Aknowledgement is all it is. Fair Play ! x

  11. There’s been an explosion in both fashion and beauty blogs in the past year. Redefining the categories definitely should be on the cards sometime in the future,if not this year. The larger the pool of blogs get,the greater the need to be a bit more diverse,categories wise. It’ll be interesting to see what happens!

  12. Joey

    Extreme Ironing… Hehe.

  13. MaeveOG

    Totally agree, good luck!

  14. The Blog awards have gone to great lengths to acknowledge bloggers so far so I’m sure they’ll take this suggestion into consideration and take it as a compliment of their work that so many bloggers want to see the awards grow and develop in a positive way…thanks for writing this up Hermia 🙂

  15. Anna Laerke

    Agree 100%. Well said.

  16. Well said and I totally agree x

  17. Here, here. Agree with KelleBelle’s point that it is unreasonable to compare the likes of Beaut and Whisty as fashion and beauty, while similar are incomparable in terms of blogging.
    Well said love x

  18. Martin

    1. I was surprised at how rude the response on Twitter was I must say.

    Trying to see things from the awards organisers’ perspective, I’m sure they do get lots of frustrating and impractical requests to add an Extreme Ironing category and perhaps that explains their short tone. But this separation clearly makes sense and clearly the community is behind it, as you can see from the comments here. The organisers should definitely take this feedback on board.

    If everyone who commented here would take the time to tweet the link to this post to @irishblogawards or drop them an email to damien@mulley.net it can only improve chances of this happening.

  19. Very very well said! A very balanced and very good point. Hope ye get your way! Ye deserve it!


  20. I don’t really have anything to add as it’s all been said in the above comments really, just want to throw my name down in support!

  21. jb

    First things first, please take the snow if the blog it messes with google chrome and makes it impossible to read your site, this makes me a sad panda.

    I support your endeavorer to get 2 separate blog award categories and demand those fat cats in the irish blog awards listen. (I’m sure they are neither cats or fat, I’m sure they are lovely…)

    However, I don’t quite understand the difference….fashion = beauty no? Not that I have a clue about either I’m looking at this from a nerds perspective.

    • Lol the regular readers/fans are loving the snow…I’d be afraid to remove it!

      And that’s no problem! Fashion sites deal with clothes, style, etc, while Beauty blogs deal with make-up, skincare products, hair products, etc! I totally get how it can be seen as all the same thing by someone with no interest in the area, but it really really isn’t! I wouldn’t really read beauty blogs or know much about how to apply make-up properly, etc, but I love reading fashion blogs!

      • jb

        I’m a regular reader….but leave the snow, I’ll get another browser.
        I still don’t get the difference 😛 but I never will!

        Like I said, I fully support this campaign. IBA should listen, enough posts here already to warrant a review

  22. I’m in support of this Hermia. I’m sure it is frustrating for bloggers to be mixed in with a totally different topic. So much time and effort goes into writing a blog and people’s effort and vision should be correctly and appropriately awarded.
    I personally blog about both beauty and fashion so may fall through the category cracks!
    Hhhmm…need to get more ‘niche’…… extremeironing.blogspot.com here we go!

  23. sen

    Fingers Crossed!!!! (that this works and that you win!)

  24. Stacey

    Very well said Hermia..I totally agree…that was a very rude and arrogant response…implying that you guys are only doing this to increase your own chances….RUBBISH

    If there’s anything I can do to help your cause let me know!!! And you shouldn’t have to pay a cent…there just doing this to suit themselves..I am really angry about this!!!!!!!


  25. They should definitely be split into two categories, I’d been thinking that myself, so it’s great that someone’s finally pushing for it…good luck with the campaign, Hermia!

  26. Orla

    I totally AGREE…ma

  27. SteveG

    Excellently said Miss blogger. Good luck with the nomination, with wordspeil like this your sure to kick arse! Nice page also 😀

  28. Ali

    Guuurrl let’s make this happen. I think emails and tweets a plenty are the way to go! Completely agree with everything you had to say!

  29. I support the petition 100%. The good peeps at IBA are understanding people so I’m sure they will take into consideration the need to split them into two categories. Beauty Blogs and Fashion Blogs are quite different so it would be nice to expand the categories 🙂

  30. Zakerius

    It sucks when anyone is treated so poorly when asking such a simple question,
    but when I see people treat our H that way it just makes me angry.

  31. JEN

    i TOTALLY concur, well done for starting a much-needed campaign. two completely distinct areas of expertise, interest and reach.
    nice one herms and blau
    what will i wear today

  32. Ed

    Well said Hermia , I have to say both need their own category

  33. Here’s hoping that standing up and making yourself heard isn’t a futile excersize Hermz!
    Can I just come across as a bit of a thicko, but i have absolutely no idea what that response from IBA means… well apart from P.F.O. of course.

    • Well what I (and I think most people here) took it as was we were basically told that if we cared so much about the specifics within the Fashion and Beauty Sector then we could old our own awards for them, rather than bothering the IBAs with them.

      I guess it’s open to interpretation though…

  34. I hope they will think about your concern. I did not like the reply to your tweet though.
    Keep them honest on this issue.

  35. Completely agree with this. Serious respect for Blau and Hermia for bringing this up, especially in such an elegant manner. Hopefully the Irish Blog Awards Committee will see sense.



  36. fashion & beauty are the zeitgeist of culture & society as a whole, so to pass either off as trivial is failure to recognise the importance of the reasons behind why we wear what we do. There is no bigger indicator of a society than how they dress, and how people present themselves. While I understand why the two are often lumped together I do feel like there is a distinction, and if you look at the money spent on fashion and beauty it is quite obvious that they are two separate and equally huge industries. But mostly, I feel that to pass either off as superficial is really missing the point, and hopefully any blog that is nominated in either category can prove that fashion and beauty are an incredibly relevant and important part of life.

  37. Power to the people Hermia! Well said 🙂


  38. Well said girl!

    It makes no sense whatsoever that all the fashion and beauty blogs are lumped in together, when there are so many good ones of each! I definitley hope to see these as separate categories for 2011…

  39. Great point, Couldn’t have said it better myself !

  40. I agree with Licentiate completely > “…the larger the pool of blogs get,the greater the need to be a bit more diverse,categories wise.” I do think there are far more ‘lifestyle’ blogs in Ireland now which will undoubtedly have to be divided into more definitive categories in the future, and beauty/fashion is a good place to start.

    I do think I say that objectively as, like other commenters above, my blog is a bit random and will probably never ‘fit’ in to any category, unless it’s the ‘Random Stuff Blog Award’ 🙂 There are though, many who do a wonderful job of blogging about fashion or beauty, and it would be lovely to see them being recognised.

    However, I would also like this extreme ironing category and would like to offer all of the clothes on the floor in my room as eh…test runs for these future extreme ironing bloggers. 😉


  41. Kat

    Having been blogging for a long time at this stage, I don’t think I have ever blogged about beauty trends or how to apply make up etc. Fashion and Beauty can be interlinked, but generally, they are too very different subjects. I know a lil’ bit about fashion stuff, but next to nothing about beauty. (Although I do find the idea of beauty changing through time fascinating, but that’s a whole other story..)
    Lumping the two together makes the whole thing a bit of a farce, there are just too many fashion and beauty blogs now to group them together.

  42. They should should separate the categorys, but if they are in the mood to make niche category what about “The best taxi blog in Belfast” mind you i would still lose 🙂

  43. *gasp!*
    That was mean of them!

    Anyways, merry Christmas to you and The Boy. 🙂

  44. Dj

    Well said. Maybe some people want some light hearted and ‘superfucial’ material to read after being bombarded with bad news sports and politics everywhere they turn. Good luck and keep up the awesome work! x

  45. I think this is a wonderful idea. My blog is a tad random so not sure it would fit in either category very neatly but a beauty blog like Beaut.ie is very different from the plethora of fashion-specific blogs around. It’s only right that they are recognised separately…


  46. befunkey

    Completely agree. I blog fashion and haven’t a clue about make-up.

  47. good on you for raising this issue!! there are so many fashion and beauty blogs out there and there should most defo be seperate categories. im not suprised that some people may feel that beauty and fashion blogs are full of guff but i agree 100% with ‘janeylove’ above – beauty and fashion is everywhere we look in society and to dismiss it is total snobbery. There is alot of talent out there that needs recognition!
    Thanks Hermia!

  48. Go you!!! I’m all for it, give new and established fashion bloggers a chance to be recognised.

    Lorna. x

  49. Both categories, Fashion and Beauty are serious business. They are often trivialised and indeed sometimes fulfill that perception. The truth is that here in Ireland there are thousands of people employed in each of these areas. In London, Paris and every other capital city Fashion is taken very seriously indeed. We have amazing Irish designers and world famous Makeup artists. We have serious Fashion and Beauty editors in main stream press and now we have several first class Bloggers who are blazing the trail in both areas.

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