I’ve got a ticket to the fast city, where the bells don’t really ring…

So the place and date has been announced for the 2011 Irish Blog Awards…
March 19th in the beautiful Belfast.
Which makes me suspect that mine and Blau’s conversation in Wagamama on Monday was being bugged, as we’d wondered when we were going to hear about it!

And yes I AM implying that we’re important enough to spy on!

I do like the few months leading up to awards ceremony itself  – and obviously I say this with a whole one-year’s experience of the Irish Blog Awards – because it gives me some inspiration.
Around this time of year, the early darkness makes me lazy and I’m less eager to tap out a new post by the time I’ve gotten home from work and made a dinner, so I tend to give myself frequent breaks….a day here, a day there.
I also find it’s easier to post a video or a an item of clothing than actually attempt to be creative.

Not that I turn into a crappy blogger… basically the Judging Months keep me on my toes and provide me with the kick-start I need to stop me from slacking.

I’ll admit I was feeling a little bit of pressure for this year after doing shockingly well last year (I like to think of bribery as taking the initiative), but then I thought ‘Feck It, you’ll get to drink with awesome bloggers’ and now I’m happy to go along for the ride and not care about what happens!
Just as long a White Rabbit NI gets Best Humour Blog again…
*looks threateningly a potential voters*

However, whom-ever was tweeting for the Irish Blog Awards today did strike a chord with me when they said the following…


@IrishBlogAwards You may now resurrect your blogs and lick the arse of other bloggers in the comment sections or start a fight! #iba11
There’s a huge difference between getting a bit of blogging energy during the judging process and just taking the complete piss.
It was fairly common last year and I remember being surprised at the number of people who seemed to be doing this and then went as far as being shortlisted!
So I’ll ask anyone volunteering as a judge this year to look out for that.
Look a few months back in each blog’s archives to get a real look at what it’s about!
A blog should be judged on its whole year, not just the couple of months it knew it was being watched and was looking for a bit of fame!
On a sidenote, fingers crossed that they introduce separate Fashion and Beauty categories this year….fashion bloggers just haven’t stood a chance these last few years!
Yay Blog Awards!


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8 responses to “I’ve got a ticket to the fast city, where the bells don’t really ring…

  1. DEFINITELY should be a seperate Fashion section this year, for sure. There are so many amazing fashion blogs that deserve recognition.

    And totally agreed that the judges should look back over the posts from before the official ‘judging period’, if there is one, to properly account for bloggers who put in work all-year-round as opposed to just a few months.

    Super post. Super quick response too, I admire the speed. JR’s gonna kick ASS at #iba11

  2. Totally agree about checking the achives!
    Also excited to go to the awards! Missed it last year – but def gonna go this year! Say twill be great craic altogether!
    And yes to two diff categories for fashion and beauty!

  3. I bet that handsome waiter was a spy!!!There most def should be seperate categories, the archive point VERY VALID..

    Blogs should be judged on content not contacts!

  4. really good point about looking at a blog for the whole year! and fashion/beauty being separated! there are so many good ones in both categories it’s a shame not to give each the recognition it deserves!

  5. Ooo, Belfast. That’s like… a minute down the road. Can anyone attend?

    I love the little picture with the writing. It’s lovely! 🙂

    Kate x

  6. Jules

    i totally agree with blogs being judged on the whole year, not just jan/feb. People tend to post less at the moment, anyway. So, I hope that by Xmas 2011 my blog will be noticed that wee bit more…!

    And yes, there should be a fashion category. I’m not irish but I’m still interested in Fashion/Beauty blogs from Ireland, anyway! 🙂 x

  7. Aww shucks m’dear *red*

    I’m so excited for this year I can’t even put it into words. Drinks on me guys

  8. Zoe

    Oh any excuse for a piss-up! Good luck! And the archive point is a very true one 🙂

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