Blast this Christmas music…it’s joyful and triumphant!

Happy Christmas y’all!
My brain is fairly fuzzy at the moment thanks to an overload of flu meds!
Yup, my second time to get really sick this year strikes on Christmas Day night.
I’m getting better though, even if standing is proving a bit of a challenge, so hopefully I’ll be peachy for New Years!
Christmas was shaping up to be a bit of a disaster anyway, considering I’m pretty much an orphan and I didn’t want to impose on friends’ family dinners, so I was spending the day on my lonesome.
I had to leave the chicken-buying (I hate turkey) until Christmas Eve after work, because we have a teeny fridge and shock, there were none left by the time I got to the supermarket.
So my Christmas dinner was a sad plate of roasties, carrots, awful stuffing (Paxo is shamefully bad) and gravy….for one.
The Boy was around for the morning and night, so twasn’t too bad…well until the flu struck.

This is not the place to find the Christmas spirit, my friends.
Bah Humbug indeed.




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15 responses to “Blast this Christmas music…it’s joyful and triumphant!

  1. Oh dear.. you can make up for it big time when you’re better! 😉


  2. I just came down with the Christmas flu today. Boo. Hope you’re feeling better!

  3. Awh, man! Hope New Year’s is a bit better for you!

    Kate x

  4. Aww that sucks maaan. Christmas day on your lonesome is probably the worst, hope you got some extra special things to make up for it! I think the bit where I genuinely felt a pang of grief for you was the stuffing incident though, stuffing is my absolute favourite ever part of Christmas, if it went wrong, I’d probably be upset for weeks..

  5. Eve

    Oh no! That sounds dreadful! I’m so sorry! Well hopefully you’ll be good as new soon!

  6. L

    Oh no! I know how you feel, I was dying with a chest infection on the big day so didn’t even have an appetite for all the food I was planning to eat 😦 Hope you’re better soon!

  7. aww hope u feel better, thanks for the comment x

  8. Aw, that sounds awful 😦 At least thing can only go up-hill from being sick and alone at Christmas.

    Also, years from now you can tell your grandchildren about the hard old days of how you used to have no meat at Christmas and disease lurked around every corner. I’m pretty sure this is the kind of incident most of those kind of stories stem from.

  9. Jules

    i hate being ill on xmas day – i hope that you get better for new year’s eve / hogmanay! x

  10. pesky flu sticking its nose in where its not wanted x

  11. I was sick for Christmas too… it sucks. Like, why must illness strike you on the awkward days… why not the other 360 or so ones?? Even your birthday… you can at least move that and pretend it’s another day… but no Christmas is celebrated worldwide on the same day 😦 Sad times

    Hope you’re feeling better now 🙂 xx

  12. awww, you poor thing 😦
    my christmas was more non-existent than usual this year too..

  13. Awh, I almost cried!! We all need to get together and make you a Christmas dinner!

  14. Awh that’s so sad!
    I was sick on Christmas day too (and for the three days beforehand) but I had family to look after me!

  15. That is actually the saddest thing I’ve heard all holidays 😦 Hope your New Years makes up for it.

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