I Love You, Taylor Swift

I don’t usually gush about pop musicians, but I’m making an exception today because I really seriously genuinely felt happy after listening to this album on the tram this morning

I’m not best known for my sophisticated taste in music.
Sure I have some respectable artists on my iPod – The Smiths, Joshua Radin, Florence and the Machine – but all in all, I love nothing better than some cheese.
Happily, The Boy  satisfied my cravings this Christmas and presented me with the new Taylor Swift album.

Lads, it’s amazing!
Like, I really enjoyed Fearless (Love Story and You Belong With Me were great!), but Speak Now is in another league.
She’s just outdone herself lyrically and some of the melodies are just plain beautiful.

I wouldn’t be a major Pop follower, but I just feel like Taylor could be my soul mate sometimes.
I know people criticise her for airing her dirty laundry in public and not being able to let go when someone screws her over, but I can relate.
Sure, it’s not ideal to tell the world your private affairs, but I know when something happens to me that makes me feel any sort of strong emotion, I have to write about it.
I need to get it out of my head and heart and onto paper (or screen), even if I know there might be repercussions, because otherwise it’s like an itch that could drive me mad.
I can completely sympathise with her need to voice her anger or guilt and her best songs are the ones that are really personal.
Dear John is a fantastic F-U to John Mayer, while Back to December (an I’m Sorry Song to Taylor Lautner) is just heartbreaking: I could listen to it on repeat for days on end.

Also worth checking out is Better Than Revenge….Camilla Belle won’t be stealing any of Taylor’s boyfriends in a hurry in the future.

Sure, the songs are simple and fun and pop-y, but they do speak to you and it’s so much more fun knowing who they’re about.
It’s like reading someone’s diary and feeling that it could be yours!



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19 responses to “I Love You, Taylor Swift

  1. Her face really annoys me for reasons I can’t explain (I think it’s the eyes) but I’ll be damned if I don’t enjoy a Taylor Swift song from time to time. The girl knows how to write a catchy hook 😀

  2. I agree with you. I love Taylor Swift songs…could hear them all day long 🙂

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  4. Jules

    hmm… I’m a little bit on the fence with her…. Some days I think she’s OK, the rest she’s a tad… bland. I kinda liked “love story” when it was out but never bought it (simply because I didn’t like it enough to buy/download). oh hum…. 🙂

  5. I got the album awhile back, too, & I loooooove me some Taylor Swift. Can’t stop listening!

  6. Hmm after seeing her in Valentine’s Day I wouldn’t be her biggest fan, she annoyed the crap out of me… she does have a very pretty voice though, and there’s more depth to her songs than multiple other ‘pop’ princesses out there combined…

  7. Oh Back to December is amazing!

  8. I love this album too! Dear John, Be Mine and Better Than Revenge are my top ones!
    Love T Swift!

  9. I bought my brother her newest album for christmas because I knew he was too embarrassed to go to the store and get it himself hahah. I love her songs, she has a song for every situation possible!

  10. Thanks for the passionate recommendation Hermia! I love being urged to expand my musical taste, and I trust your opinion! x
    *runs to iTunes to download some T Swift*

  11. I totally agree; I LOVE Taylor Swift – I could listen to her all day, and sometimes I actully do [cause I’m sad like that :/] – I just seem to relate to them.
    Somehow I am still obessessed with Love Story.
    ..I dont care if its trashy music or bland pop, I like it; to me it has meaning 😀

    Glad someone eles feels the same too 🙂

  12. Must get her new album!! You’ve totally sold it to me! x

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