Fantabulous Foto Friday

It’s actually been a while since I’ve done this.
No real reason.
I think I just forgot it existed after my wee break before Christmas.
Memory of a fish, me.
No theme for today…I’m in the mood for anarchy…



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11 responses to “Fantabulous Foto Friday

  1. Nice pics hermia! Love that last quote so true!! x

  2. Ahh Fridays.
    Anarchy eh? I suggest you start with throwing a brick through a window and move on from there 😀

  3. Jules

    love the first image, and that quote is SO true! 🙂
    and I know I’m actually thinking of NOT blogging today…! I’m in such a lazy mood….! x

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  5. Love the piano pic and quote!

  6. I love the 2nd pic, it may have something to do with my Jan detox & current alcoholic beverage craving 😉

  7. Loving the first two pictures. Not sure why. Actually, probably because she’s drinking in the second. I could do with a drink. Over exams, bring on the celebrations when they’re over!!

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