Fashion Bloggers That Rock My World #4

Here’s someone I discovered a couple of months ago.
Sian from Blondorexic is a breath of fresh air, displaying inspirational outfits through professional-looking home photos.
I would kill to have her wardrobe and natural creativity!!!
Sure, she keeps ending up in my Spam folder when she comments on my blog because ‘-orexic’ is in her title, but she’s definitely worth following.
Plus, her hair is absolutely amazing!

EDIT: Please note that since this was published, Sian has changed her blog and URL name to Avant Style. Click HERE for the link.



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18 responses to “Fashion Bloggers That Rock My World #4

  1. Yay. She’s very good indeed.

  2. AMAZING tip! I love her hair and am heading straight over to her blog xx

  3. Her style is amazing, but honestly, I wouldn’t read her blog simply because I very much dislike the name & find it to be disrespectful & irresponsible. And I wonder if that’s weird of me? I guess even blogging is often about branding.

    • Actually I had the same reaction when I saw the title, but only because I get quite a few comments from pro-ana bloggers and they’d have similar names, so I thought it was yet another one!
      But you do have to look at it in the way she explains it below, because it would be a pity to miss out on such a good blog!

  4. Love the ballerina shot<3!

  5. Thank you so much Hermia! And thanks everyone for your comments.

    Suburban Sweetheart, I’m sorry you find me irresponsible, but I don’t mean to offend anyone. My blog name came from a long addiction to hair bleach, that is all. To be honest, it’s no more disrespectful than ‘tanorexic’, a term you commonly read in magazines etc. Thank you for the compliment regardless.

    Sian. x

  6. Sounds like a great weekend – Dawson’s Creek brings back memories….I used to have a wee crush on Pacey! Cheers for the intro to Sian & Blondorexic …style Mary Ellen as the mother would say! 😉

  7. Jules

    woah, I adore her style! *follows*

  8. Oh yes do we love Sian!
    Bloomin marvellous choice there Hermz,
    Big up yo’ bad self!
    Happy New Year!

  9. Ahhh so funny, that happens to Sian’s comments on my page too!! I love the blog, it’s very refreshing!

  10. Love her style. Especially jealous of her ring collection in the last picture.
    Also, you are looking mighty fine in your profile pic on the right.. pretty! x

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